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Free Healthy Eating Habits Subliminal MP3

This is the 4th free album in our series of free subliminal mp3s we are giving away in partnership with Real Subliminal . Previous free albums are still available here; Attitude of Gratitude, and here; Induce Lucid Dreaming, and here; Stop Caring What People Think.

This weeks free album comes from their “Subliminal Weight Loss” collection – find out more below, but first please let us assure you that there is no catch, no hidden costs, and no charges later on – this album is 100% free, we have made this arrangement with Real Subliminal to give away some albums to help raise awareness of subliminal audio and let some people try it who otherwise wouldn’t get to hear about it.

Find out more about this album below, or if you have not yet experienced subliminal audio then read this post which will give a little bit more about how subliminal messages work, how to use them, and what to expect; how subliminal audio works.

Your Fourth Free Album – Healthy Eating Habits Subliminal MP3s

This week’s free subliminal audio from Real Subliminal is an album called Healthy Eating Habits:

Download Healthy Eating Habits Here

It is a simple album, a part of their subliminal weight loss collection, and will help you to develop healthier eating habits, and to transform the way you think about food; so that instead of struggling to eat healthily, or finding it a chore, you will start to like healthy food and enjoy eating healthily.

This album will help you in several ways, to:

  • Re-frame the way you view healthy food – stop seeing it as a chore, or less desirable than fatty, or junk foods. Instead you will actually start to enjoy it, and even look forward to it.
  • Develop the willpower to eat at regular times, and reduce your need / craving to snack.
  • The ultimate goal of this album is to completely re-wire the way you feel towards food generally, so that you will no longer be “trying” to eat healthily – eating healthily will simply be a normal part of your life and you will actually become the person who eats a balanced diet, and is not tempted by junk food.

By implanting these simple beliefs this album will help you to lose weight, and improve your health naturally – and because you are changing your patterns of thinking and beliefs on a deeper level, these changes will last, this is not just a fad diet, but a way to re-shape your mind and change your patterns of behavior.

Download Healthy Eating Habits Here

Here are a couple of experiences from people who have tried this album recently:

Last Oct I had a best friend die of a heart attack and another friend lost his sight because of diabetes. Both was within 5 Lbs of me and I was 320. Big Eye opener. I was on disabilty for a balance disorder and couldnt exercise because i would fall down. Well I started listening to the cds while on the computer. Eventually expanded to starting them in a loop and a random shuffle about 8 PM and leaving em run all night. I started having problems getting 2000 calories in because i wasnt hungry and stop having cravings. Went to Pizza Hut with family and all I wanted was salad bar.. I lived on Pizza. Well Long story short with the lost of craving and only wanting healthier food I lost 120 LBS and still going.
John Knutson, Spring Creek, Nevada, USA

I began using the Lose Weight subliminal, and from the beginning I noticed that I was making better choices automatically, without even thinking too much about it. I know how to eat in a more healthy way, and more modest portions, but somehow I couldn’t do it by myself. I now find I am making good choices, eating smaller portions, even leaving half my portion on the plate sometimes, but never feeling deprived. I start the day by wearing my ipod and play the Weight Loss subliminal while preparing breakfast, and other times of the day when I am around food, shopping for food, cooking, etc. I am so surprised at how easy it is.
Elizabeth Arnott, Merida, Mexico

Download this album in full (exclusively from Evolution Ezine), for FREE!

Download Healthy Eating Habits Here

p.s. if you like this album here are some other subliminal weight loss albums you might be interested in: Lose Weight Permanently (their core weight loss album),  Motivation to Exercise , and Increase Metabolism.

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