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Free Happiness Essentials Audio From Jeff Gignac (Plus a Super Cool Video of the Brain’s Response)

Jeff Gignac is the genius behind the brain wave entrainment in all of our Super Mind Music audios

We firmly believe that his technology is better than anything out there

and Jeff never stops exploring, experimentation – and looking for newer ways to help all of us step into our Highest and Best Lives

and his Brain New Life Frequencies Program is the newest example of that…

Just visit  Free Happiness Essentials Audio for your opportunity to see what happens to the brain after just a few minutes listening to the very same audio Jeff is giving away – and then to collect your own copy

It has only been a few weeks since Jeff released Life Frequencies and already the testimonies are beginning to arrive.  For instance…

I just purchased your Life Response Frequencies products, and was moved to send comments. Jeff, I have never been so changed and touched by a product, so opened by the chants, the music and surely the technology in it all. I listened to the Prosperity track for 40 minutes for the first time when I went to sleep last night. I wept with a quiet joy of calm, certainty, Divine vibration and power. I felt – well, wonderful going to sleep.
Lisa – September 27th 2012

Just need to let you know that your free ten minute happiness essentials track cured my husbands headache and it saved my day from going down the drain. It put the smile back on my face, so thank you, thank you, thank you! You are a genius. Jenny – September 18th 2012

Jeff, I’ve been listening and using Life Response Frequencies for about a week now and truly feel more at peace than I have in along time, and that’s just using the 10min. versions. I have listened and used other works by you, but honestly, this is the best and most powerful I’ve gotten my hands- ears on so far. Thanks for all you do as I’m anticipating great things in my future! Thanks again and much Love !!!! Mark September 30 2012

What more can I say?  To grab your own copy of the Free Happiness Essentials Audio, to watch an amazing video, and to learn more about the whole Life Essentials Program, just visit….

Free Happiness Essentials

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Free Happiness Essentials Audio From Jeff Gignac (Plus a Super Cool Video of the Brain’s Response), 8.9 out of 10 based on 9 ratings
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One Response to “Free Happiness Essentials Audio From Jeff Gignac (Plus a Super Cool Video of the Brain’s Response)”

  1. Tonyf says:

    The effect of Life Response Frequencies on me was the opposite. After listening to it the first time, I felt no joy. Instead, I felt more like empty. It was a strange feeling. I gave it another try up to a week. I listened to it with an objective mind, i.e. with no expectations, to find out if it’s the audio that’s affecting me or just my mind. The result was just the same. It’s like I lost the dynamics of my life. I had to stop listening to it to regain my usual self. I don’t know why it happened that way. Maybe my ears, my mind, or my body prefers the sound of harmonious music like your Schumann Resonance and Deep Delta. In the audio, there was this sound of an ancient chinese stringed instrument and some percussion sounds which were not friendly to my ears. It’s like my mind was resisting them. Maybe you could have another version that plays a beautiful, melodic, harmonious music; or to make more universal, include the sound of nature instead. In Taize, their chants include percussion sounds but those drum beats are relaxing and friendly to my ears. Right now, I’m starting to gain back my dynamism. Thanks to your Schumann Resonance and Deep Delta music.

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