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Francesco’s Gains After Two Months with the Super Mind Academy

“I want to share with you what changed for me in the last couple of months (i.e. since I have subscribed to the Super Mind Academy):

- I have an increased perception of conditions and people surrounding me

- I have started noticing the power of language (which derives from thoughts, but also influences thoughts)

- I gained the ability to calm my mind more easily and faster (of course there are still situations that can make me feel upset or angry, but they usually last for a very short period) since I now tend to look for the bright side (it appears to me as becoming progressively easy

- I have acquired awareness of the importance and necessity of emotional control and self-confidence

- I have come to understand that I am fully responsible for who and what I am and that I have the power to be and become what I want to become

- I have come to understand that limiting beliefs can be easily swept away with appropriate techniques and exercises, and substituted with what I call “empowering beliefs”

- I am starting to see, day after day, how powerful writing and answering to power questions can be

- I am able to understand how emotions work and how they can both positively and negatively affect our days and lifes

- I have come to understand how important it is to respect and take care of our body, mind and soul, and I have therefore started to change my nutrition habits. I have also started to jog again (after 9 years!!) – this time with a virtual coach explaining me so many things on nutrition, health, body condition, etc.

- I am starting to understand clearly – and accept – that I cannot (should not) influence decisions made by others for themselves, even if they are the people I love most in my life. Still, this is a very bitter pill for me to swallow since it is linked with my fear of loss of these beloved people, but I cannot (should) not force anyone to walk on any path I consider to be a righteous path that anyone should follow. Concerning this point I recognize that I have some more work to do in order to feel free of this type of fear and guilt (i.e. losing a beloved family person for not having “forced” them to cure themselves in the way I would do it). Anyway, I feel that love, care and warm support could be most important than any medication (that does not work).

- Last but not least, as a non native English speaker (my mother tongue is Italian) my active writing skills have improved exponentially since I am reading, listening and watching information in English for a great portion of the day and, besides, I am developing a strong love for this language”

Have fun,


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Francesco's Gains After Two Months with the Super Mind Academy, 10.0 out of 10 based on 6 ratings
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