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Exploring Your Infinite Mind by Jason Mangrum

Discovering altered states of consciousness can be quite an amazing journey for many people. Getting into the inner phases of the mind and then harnessing the experience in your life WILL, without a shadow of a doubt, raise the overall quality of your life.

But, contrary to what a lot of mental well being experts and practitioners would have you believe, you do not need any special medication or drug to achieve this. Instead, there are methods which are completely natural that’ll get you the results you want.

So let me explain how to explore your mind in unimaginable ways. The following practice will help you – step by step – to sink into your soul, start sensing your mind’s true potential and explore altered states of consciousness:


This method is based on sociological studies that indicate a storehouse of energy resides deep in the abdominal region of your body forming an overwhelming core. Sadly, in most individuals this remains dormant for a greater part of their life. To get more in touch with your subconscious, you need to awaken your core.

Start out by focusing on each sense of the five senses, while doing your everyday activities. That’ll get your mind prepared to delve deeper within itself.

To focus on the sense of seeing, you will actually close your eyes and look into the mind’s eye. For this, you can focus your attention in the center of your skull. For taste, focus on every sensation in your mouth. For smelling, sense the aroma in your environment. For touch, become aware of how your clothes feel against your skin, sense any object you are touching, such as a coffee cup clutched in your fingers… for hearing, simply put your attention on the symphony of sounds playing in the background. If all is silent, focus on the silence.

Experience each sense for about 60 seconds.

Move your awareness from one sense to the other and immerse yourself in them.

Repeat this practice for a few days until you’re fairly comfortable with moving your full awareness into and out of each of your senses, ignoring any disturbances in the environment around you.

Once you have gained this simple yet profound ability of one-pointed focus on each of your five senses, combine breathing with sensory awareness. For example, as you move your full attention into your sense of sight, inhale deeply and direct the breath into the area of your third eye. On exhale, feel the area pulsate with power.

Do this for each of the five senses:






After a few days of this practice, you’ll notice all of your senses have been heightened.

This is the point where you can go deep into your senses and get really involved. You may start to feel all your senses exerting a subtle force towards your internal center – somewhere below your stomach. You might also feel a strong pull towards your core.

You may also notice that while breathing, your core begins to vibrate within your body. As this happens, your brainwaves are predominantly vibrating in an alpha state of consciousness and the brain’s oscillations resonate with the energy in your core.

Continue doing the practice and make one addition… your enlivened core.

Just place your attention there and notice what you notice in that area. If you have been diligent with this practice thus far, you may sense something like a rotating ball of energy in and around the naval area. Breathing into this area while your full attention is there can cause dramatic and sometimes even paranormal effects or events.

Continue this practice on a daily basis and within a month or so, your senses will be hyper-active and may begin to give you more information than you had access to before. Also, sensing your awakened core can unlock a pathway to your right-brain hemisphere and can give an amazing new clarity to your intuition, among other gifts.

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  1. Leila says:

    Thanks for this article. Strangely over the last week I have been experiencing some tension and I found that breathing into the centre of my skull was relaxing stress there and in my abdomen. I will add the practice of focusing on the senses using breath that you describe.

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