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Emotion Code Free Download Plus a Very Special Opportunity

I was first introduced to Dr. Bradley Nelson’s Emotion Code about 6 months ago and it has changed my life and my Healing Practice.

First I read the book, Emotion Code – which you can download here…

Emotion Code

The Emotion Code Starter Kit


I have long since known (it is the basis of my current belief system) that we are energetic beings,  and that most (all?) physical dysfunction is caused by blockages in the energy flow in the body.  This is the basis of acupuncture, reflexology, and all Energy Medicine techniques in general.

I also know that thoughts and emotions are energy, and there is an ever growing body of scientific evidence to prove this fact.

In the Emotion Code Dr. Nelson shows how strong emotion not fully released when first experienced becomes trapped in our bodies, creating all sorts of dysfunction.  And then he goes on to demonstrate how, once identified, the trapped energy (what he terms trapped emotion) can be easily released with intention and the magnifying effects of magnets.

The book is awesome and I immediately began to play with the techniques (he gives the best description of how to do muscle testing I have ever seen) and the ease and the immediacy of the results led me to making the investment in becoming a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner.

But it doesn’t stop there.

The Emotion Code is one very important component of a larger system of healing that Dr. Nelson calls The Body Code.  The Body Code takes into account the 6 different areas critical to our health; energy (of which the Emotion Code is a part), toxicity, circuitry, pathogens, structure, and nutrition.  By using muscle testing to talk to the body (and what knows better than the body what the body needs to be healthy?) we can identify areas of imbalance and the root cause of the imbalance.  And then we can take steps to bring the body back into balance.

There was no question that I was going to pursue Certification as a Body Code Practitioner, everything about it felt right and in alignment with my beliefs and current healing practices.  The process also, for me at least, really filled in the spaces between my logical, used to be an Engineer, left brain and my I am a Spiritual Energy Healer Right Brain.

I am now in the final stages of  Certification and have begun to work with a number of clients in preparation for course completion.  And as I thought about the results I was seeing, and the gift this work is,  I realized that I really wanted to make my services available to a limited number of our Evolution Ezine Community – my way of giving back for all you have given me over the years.

While becoming certified I will not accept $$ for my work – but I do require a commitment from everyone that I work with.  I require that…

a) You come with an open mind and the willingness to take in what is being offered.

b) You are willing to commit spending time with me on 4 separate occasions – either via phone or skype

c)  You are willing to drink water and remain hydrated (energy does not move without flow – the human body is about 80% water and it needs to be continuously hydrated)

d) You are willing to provide a written testimonial of our work together

If you are interested in the possibility to work with me in this capacity please send me an email at cyndi@evolutionezine.com and tell me a little bit about yourself and the issues you are currently facing.  I will respond as quickly as I can to let you know what our next steps will be.

and until then….

Sending Much Joy to All

p.s.  if you would like to learn more about this phenomenal healing process just visit: The Body Code


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Emotion Code Free Download Plus a Very Special Opportunity, 7.4 out of 10 based on 9 ratings
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3 Responses to “Emotion Code Free Download Plus a Very Special Opportunity”

  1. Melissa says:

    This work sounds fascinating. Good luck on this new healing path.

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  2. Nancy V says:

    Dear Cindi:

    I am responding to the email address that you posted above. I would like to present you with someone who is well along in years.. and who probably is harboring lots of blockages…
    A challenge…

    Thank you for the kind and generous offer.

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  3. tidiane says:

    thank you so much for this sharing. I do know people very close to me suffering from dramatic emtional trauma. So when i downloaded the mp3 format I started listening to the wonderful voice full of peace of Dr Bradley but haven’t finished listening to it. I can’t listen fast because i need to digest what i listen to when it is intersting. i can already say wonderful things are waiting for me. today i am on chapter 2. i really would like to master the techniques but you know from africa i don’t know if it will be possible. for example i can’t attend live seminars due to internet connection problems. So whenever there are replays on live events i jump on them.
    thanks a lot. I am on the way to succeeding even with what i will get from the mp3 version of the emotion code
    God bless you

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