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Quick Strategies for Effortless Success by Chris Cade

“The formula is simple – do more of what is working, do less of what isn’t, and try on new behaviors to see if they produce better results.” – Jack Canfield

Jack is one of those people who has been living what he teaches for decades, and the quote above is the inspiration for my message to you today.

And while most people I know are familiar with him – from “The Secret” and the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series – most people don’t know that Jack actually holds a Guiness World Record for having the most books – seven! – simultaneously on the New York Times Best-Seller list. I think that’s kind of cool. :)

One of the biggest secrets to Jack’s success is that he’s figured out some highly effective strategies for making success “effortless.” When I say effortless, I don’t mean that he doesn’t work. It’s just that Jack has figured out how to make his work seem like play, and he’s also found what reduces his resistance to taking consistent effective action towards success.

And one of those strategies I’m going to share with you today is to find what already works in your life and AMPLIFY those working parts. This is extremely effective for a few reasons:


When we do what works, we’re in the zone of our STRENGTH. As a result, we create a snowball effect where we continue doing more and more of what works, and so the snowball becomes bigger and full of SUCCESS (the working parts) – thus requiring less “effort” to keep that ball rolling down our success hill of life.

Another way to look at this is just think about handwriting. It’s probably easiest for you to write with your dominant hand, and it’s probably difficult writing with the other one. Just think about how much effort it would take to learn how to write with your non-dominant hand? A LOT.

Now consider how many things in your life you may be trying to “force” into a certain way, instead of just looking at what is the most effective and doing more of that? There’s probably lots of areas of your life where you’ve adopted ineffective habits that create resistance rather than “effortlessness.”

Now that you know what to look for in your life, keep an eye out for times when you may be unconsciously doing this. :)


We only have so much “space” in our lives for things. Whether it’s how much food we can fit in our belly, how much time we have in a day, or how effective we can be at a particular task. No matter how much we improve or expand, as humans, we have physical limitations on what can fit into our lives.

Therefore, when we do what WORKS in our life, we have less space in our lives for the things that don’t work. Here’s a quick example to illustrate how you can apply it in your life to eat healthier…

Usually, the least effective way to eat healthier that is to remove unhealthy foods from your diet. That’s because this activates a scarcity mindset and makes you feel like something is being -taken- from you. Part of you will cling, restrict, and resist. That’s why changes based on removing things from your life, and especially your diet, rarely last. Eventually, the subconscious scarcity mindset will pull you back into old, ineffective habits and mindsets.

Instead, try out a few new healthy foods to find one that you like. Then COMMIT to eating that new and likeable food more regularly. Maybe it’s a salad or a handful of goji berries… whatever it is, eat it more often (whether that’s once a week or once a day).

Your body will like it, and over time you will find that you have less room in your belly for the foods that aren’t healthy. You’ll also be in an ABUNDANCE mindset by reminding yourself that you are bringing MORE healthy goodness into your life. :)

This same principle applies to everything in our life, and especially our habits. If there’s an undesireable habit you want to stop, then introduce new healthier habits into your life that will “crowd out” the bad habits, and at the same time, create that “snowball effect” to keep you moving closer to your desired life, with less and less effort.

Sure, at first it may take a little bit of extra effort to get things going at first. ALL changes of habit require effort on our parts, and especially when we’re working with habits that have been with us for years or even decades. Still, the initial effort is well worth it. Over time, you will bring more and more of this “effortless” success in your life.

We’re also going to look at another aspect of creating “effortless” success in your life. It’s related to both of the strategies above. When you step into your strength, and you focus on what you want, you will inevitably grow. This is perhaps the most overlooked aspect of creating the life you want. We’re told that to manifest, we must “Ask, Take Action, Believe, and Receive.”

The thing is, if we don’t grow from the experience, we won’t be able to create even bigger and more grand experiences in our lives. This means that when we take action and are faced with challenges and obstacles, we must grow and become the kind of person needed to hold the very thing we are trying to manifest. In a way you could say that we have to become “bigger” in order to attract “more” into our life.

This is why it’s not enough just to take action, or to believe, or to have the intention. To manifest smaller things in life, sure we don’t have to grow much (or at all). However, when we want to manifest the really big stuff, we have to go through a growth experience to be ready to receive what we ask for.

This also give some perspective on why so many lottery winners end up broke or even bankrupt after winning millions. They may have acquired massive wealth, but few of them had the inner developments needed to “hold” that wealth. They never grew to become “bigger” people. Consequently, their mind goes back into old patterns of comfort (and frequently scarcity), and the money ends up “vanishing.”

It’s also important to understand that the more we grow, the easier it becomes to manifest ‘smaller’ things. Not only that, but we also find it easier and easier to manifest large things because we don’t have to grow as much to attain them. This is also part of what it means to have “effortless” success. It means that we can create more and more of what we want in our life, and we do it with less and less friction holding us back.


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