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The Power of Presence by Edwin Harkness Spina

Last month, a Canadian reader emailed me about an experience that beautifully illustrates the benefits of cultivating an appreciation for living in the moment, or what I like to call, the “Power of Presence.”

Hi Ed,

It has been just over a week since the energy clearing session with you. As the day went on, I noticed my lower back wasn’t aching. My lower back had been causing me a lot of pain in the previous weeks. And it still feels good, which is wonderful. I do feel I should tell you about what happened later that morning.

I drove to work just after the session; I care for a wonderful 90-year old man with a mind as sharp as a tack. It turned out to be a beautiful morning and I suggested to Roy that we sit out on his sundeck in the sunshine.

His deck is high up on the main floor of his two-story house which is on a hill, the view is spectacular. From the deck we could look down at the lake with the mountains behind that. Everything looked so sharp that morning, the sky was so blue and the clouds were so white, the lake was a darker green than the mountains behind it. It was a gorgeous morning and incredibly quiet.

I commented to Roy I felt like I was waiting for the show to start, it was so still and very quiet – like the hush that happens just before the curtain opens at a play.

The words barely came out of my mouth when two massive bald eagles swooped into the sky directly up in front of us. They were facing one another, colliding together for a moment; they were screeching at each other, they were absolutely magnificent and their wing span was just massive. I could see every feather and detail; one eagle had a white head and tail feathers and the other one was more mottled. They were breathtaking, huge, majestic and so strong.

They parted, flew into the nearby trees. Each eagle sat on a separate tree for about 10 minutes and as if by some unheard signal they flew up in unison, wing to wing and soared past the trees down to the lake.

Now it is true eagles live here and they are my all time favorite bird, but I have never witnessed this before! Maybe it was a coincidence and I would have seen it anyway but I am not so sure.

I have appreciated that view for a long time but the difference was probably the unusual feeling of calm, quiet and tranquility inside of me at that moment. I was really in that moment, with no other mind chatter going on. The thought that came to me while I was feeling like that this must be the peace that the creative force, or Source or God operates from. To me it was amazing.

Thanks a lot,


Presence is a state of being in which you’re naturally placing your full awareness on what you are experiencing in the “now”; you are in sync with your higher self; and your thoughts of past or future events have disappeared, leaving you to just “be” with what or who is before you.

When you are Present, synchronicities are commonplace, as you are tapping into the Oneness, where everything is connected. You are in a state of being where you recognize that everything is a synchronicity.

Presence amplifies your thoughts and feelings, because you have incorporated more of your entire being into your experience. You are no longer limited to the power of your intellect. Presence leads to joy and fun. Conversely, the inability to have fun is almost always tied to a lack of Presence. Witness the boorish behavior often seen in public, where people are talking or texting on their cell phones, or worrying about some past or future event, versus focusing their attention on their present companion. How often do these people look joyful?

Presence enhances Intimacy. If you want to be intimate with another person, you, obviously, need to spend time with them. But “spending time with them” is not enough. For true intimacy, you need to be Present during that time you spend together, i.e., what is popularly called “quality time.”

Conversely, if you preface your visit with “warnings” that you may have to take a phone call or leave to attend a “more important” meeting, you already have one foot out the door. You are denying yourself and your companion the joy that comes with sharing Presence.

So, the next time you are “bored,” rather than look outside of yourself for something to stimulate your mind, embrace your experience by placing your full awareness on what’s happening. Focus your attention on an aspect of the situation that you appreciate.

By embracing your experience, you will become more Present. You will naturally radiate gratitude. The universe will respond by giving you more of what you appreciate, for you are “shouting” to the universe, “Give me more of this!” with a megaphone that is sure to produce inner and outer results.

Practicing Presence is powerful. It transcends time, with the potential to change your life. Try it out and let me know what happens – especially if any eagles show up.

Best wishes,


Edwin Harkness Spina is the author of award-winning visionary thriller, Mystic Warrior, and a contributing author, along with Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Joe Vitale and others, to the bestseller, 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life. He was alsochosen when Evolution Ezine asked for the “best teachers to investigate.”

Ed is the developer of Energy Center Clearing which flushes low vibrational energies that lead to stress, fear, anger and hatred from a person’s being and replaces them with higher vibrational energies that leaves you feeling light,free and energized.

If you’d like to get a “taste” of higher-vibrational energy, please visit:

A Taste of Higher-Vibrational Energy


Evolution Ezine may receive a commission if you buy through one of the links – these proceeds help keep the Evolution Ezine free.  Thanks for your continued support.

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3 Responses to “The Power of Presence by Edwin Harkness Spina”

  1. Egghead says:

    Thanks..Sometimes I do experience that feeling of joy..which is beyond reason and comprehension. I wish it would last for ever :)

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  2. Andy says:

    Very cool, there are times that I feel that way as well. When we Let everything else go and just focus on the here & now we can enjoy things. I guess that also explains boredom. Usually when someone’s bored, they want to do something else (for example, instead of paying attention to a movie you are watching, you think about watching another movie instead which leads to boredom & not enjoying the current movie). Very neat blog post Ed! ^_^

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  3. Ed Spina says:

    Here’s an update that Cindy just emailed:

    Hi Ed,

    Yesterday, Roy and I were again sitting on his deck. Some
    humming birds were flitting in and out of the hanging
    baskets, so I started aiming my camera. They are hard to
    photograph because they move incredibly fast, but yesterday …
    it was like they were posing for me, every picture I took
    came out beautifully!


    I caught them in flight with their wings backward, forwards;
    hovering every which way. They don’t usually hang around
    that long. I was in the moment then; I just kept clicking,
    clicking and clicking and at the end I said thank-you. It
    just came out of my mouth.

    I have been trying to get pictures like that for years! I
    was fully concentrating on those humming birds so I was in
    the moment. I guess that’s the “Power of Presence.”

    Vancouver Island, Canada

    There’s nothing else to say other than Cindy is still living
    in the moment!

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