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A Conversation with Edwin Harkness Spina, Speaker, Author and Mystic

I have worked with Edwin Harkness Spina, two time Award winning author, speaker and mystic, who is well known in healing and teaching circles  for sometime.  He was also chosen when Evolution Ezine asked for the  “best teachers to investigate” and, I expect, is well known to many readers.

Just recently he was kind enough to grant me an interview in which he revealed more about his personal side, how he started on his truly remarkable journey, to become a gifted teacher and healer.  This honest, open interview is truly inspirational. It gives the hope and inspiration which we all need in these difficult times. I feel very humbled and privileged to be able to share this very personal interview with you all.

Mary K, Reiki Master, Crystal Light Worker and Healer.

1. Tell me a little of your background, early life?

I had a normal childhood. I didn’t show any signs of unusual spiritual abilities or interests – with one exception. I had an out of body experience when I was five. I was home sick from school, sitting on the couch. I looked into the kitchen and saw a coffee cup. For some reason I asked myself, “Why am I me and not a coffee cup?”

Instantly I popped out of my body and was floating in the middle of the room. I could see all the way into the kitchen. I got scared and popped back into my body. Even though I was scared I decided it was fun to “not have a body” so I tried it again. This time when I was floating in the middle of the living room and I saw my body on the couch. I panicked and popped back into my body and stopped doing that. I never told anyone because I didn’t think anyone would understand.

2. Ed what started you Meditating and Why?

In college I studied mathematics. I never formally meditated, but usually before doing any homework I would briefly look over the questions and then “take a nap.” I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was working on some of the questions in a meditative state. When I “awoke” I could rush through all the questions very easily.

Getting into this deep state provided me with answers to questions, as well as relaxing me.

3. When did you start to use energy clearing with meditation and why?

During a particularly stressful period while I was running a new company I had started, I met a teacher, who prefers to remain anonymous. I call her “Sophie.” I was open to any type of help available. She told me to meditate with no instruction at all, but I could sense her presence around me even when she was not physically around. This helped me to get to deep levels of meditation. I would come back totally renewed. At the same time, she would instruct me to conduct various exercises. During one of them, she remotely “magnetized” four quartz crystals such that they would stick together if they were pointing in different directions and would repel each other if they were lying in the same direction. I knew that my science education was incomplete and began studying how energy worked.

4. Please explain the difference between Meditation and “meditation and energy work”?.

In my view, the purpose of meditation is to commune with your innermost self and ultimately God. As you go deeper and deeper, you are accessing higher and higher frequencies or energy vibrations of your being. Many people experience transcendental states of being from meditation that renews and refreshes them. I view energy work as taking these higher vibrational energies and bringing them down to earth where they can be used to heal people. It’s not necessary to be in a deep meditative state to do this.

5. How has daily meditation and energy work changed your life?

My entire world view has been altered. I know from direct experience that “everything is energy” and that many of the assumptions that people hold about the nature of reality are just beliefs. Distant healing for example is real and measurable, yet most people remain skeptical. My beliefs are entirely consistent with modern physics, but, ironically, I spoken to physics PhDs who are unwilling to go past their assumptions and truly embrace the science that they have studied

6. I am sure, like most of us, you have had a particularly stressful event in your life – how did meditation and energy work help you?

At one point I had a problem with one of my companies. Information was stolen and given to a competitor. Under the guidance of Sophie, I meditated and was able to view exactly where the leak was – a disgruntled, former employee of my landlord had snuck into our offices at night and stole the information.

7. Do you think that meditation and energy work can help bring peace to this beautiful planet of ours?

As Einstein said, no problem is ever solved at the same level of consciousness that created the problem. Meditation and energy work are designed to help people go to higher levels of consciousness that will allow us to solve the problems that affect us. Ultimately, all is one – we are all connected to the Oneness that is God. With meditation and energy work, people will recognize this and be less likely to see others as enemies who should be feared.

7. What is the most dramatic change you have seen in someone after they have used meditation work combined with energy healing, as opposed to just meditation?

I have seen many instant healings from energy work. Eliminating headaches, backaches and insomnia are common. People who are depressed can sometimes also be helped immediately, especially in cases where their pineal gland is shut down.

7. I know Ed you have worked with many great masters, what was the best advice you have ever been given?

One of the best pieces of advice I ever received was from a wise businessman, who was no master. We were preparing for an important meeting. I had studied the materials diligently and couldn’t wait for the chance to show my boss how smart I was. Before the meeting started, he turned to me, probably sensing what I would do, and said, “Just keep your mouth shut and listen good.” This is good advice in many situations.

8. A question I am asked at times is – ‘is there any danger in meditating and energy working’. How would you answer this?

Occasionally a person will tap into an energy which they think is “from a higher world” but which is not. As Jesus said, “You can tell them by their fruits.” If the message you receive is meant to induce fear, separation or anxiety, then you can be confident it’s not from an enlightened being or your higher self. Feeling of bliss,
oneness and joy are common with enlightened beings and your higher self/inner master/master within, etc.

9. What is the best advice you can give to anyone starting meditation and energy clearing for the first time?

I think guided meditations are best for people just starting out. If the person guiding the meditation can also bring in higher vibrational energy, then so much the better. The meditator will naturally want to go deeper to go “where all the good stuff is.” That’s what’s on Energy Center Clearing and that’s why it’s so effective.

10. With the New Financial year almost here, what is the best advice you can give to anyone at this stressful time?

Get in touch with your innermost self on a daily basis. That is the source of all good things and will help you no matter what you want to do.

If you would like to submerse yourself in higher vibrational energies that lead to peace, balance, clarity and healing, please visit: Energy Center Clearing


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    Thank you for this interview. I really like the description of Edwin’s first OBE experiences. How amazing for such a young boy and how easy he made it sound.

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