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Quantum Physics Theory with Dr. Quantum

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Here’s what’s interesting…

This video has me thinking thoughts :-)

and a number of those thoughts have me arguing against some of the concepts presented in the video.  Not to the point that I out and out disagree – but more that I believe that the argument is incomplete and somewhat misleading.

But it has me thinking and contemplating – and that’s always a good thing.

What does it have you doing?

and who are you anyway???

(to watch directly on youtube: Quantum Physics Theory)

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Quantum Physics Theory with Dr. Quantum, 10.0 out of 10 based on 5 ratings
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3 Responses to “Quantum Physics Theory with Dr. Quantum”

  1. Irene Hurdle says:

    Dr Quantums theories apply to our current 3Dimensional world. But in the 5th dimension, when you think “apple”, the apple appears instantaneously because there is no past or present, only present time. And we are currently transitioning into this higher dimension. That’s what the shift/ascension/mayan prophecy is all about. However, in the 5th dimension we can kill with a thought, so that is why we need to let go of our emotional baggage and learn self mastery(self control) first.

    I learned this from Jim Self (mastering alchemy.com)and it helps me make sense of all the stuff that is currently going on. Many spiritual masters teach that we have many latent abilities and powers that have been suppressed. Science says we use less than 10 percent of our brain’s capacity and less than 10 percent of our genes.

    So what’s possible with the remaining 90 plus percent? And who’s to say that it is more science, technology?

    So yes, in this reality, we have to think and act to create. But the way I see it, the law of attraction is simply preparing us for life in another world…creating mind shifts and new ways of looking at life…like training wheels on a bicycle.

    In reply to the doctor’s comment about being able to create mountains of money with a thought: when people can easily generate mountains of money, money will no longer be such a big deal, and people will start looking for more important things and bigger challenges.

    Tony Robbins has an interesting saying:”Saying that life started with a big bang, is like saying books were created with an explosion in a print factory”.

    Look around at the incredible complexity and variety around us, and see how everything is so exquisitely interconnected,right down to the subatomic level.I am not buying that it was created with a bang or void. There has to be a guiding intelligence behind it all.

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  2. Leila says:

    Thanks for this engaging video. The missing link in what Dr. Quantum says is the word visualize. That, it seems to me, is what he means when he says it takes effort to make something appear out of nothing. He says that mind emerges from nothingness and that gives it a connection with the realm of all possibilities. We have to decide which possibility we want to realize and once we’ve done that it appears. Visualizing sounds like something to do with looking but it has a lot to do with feeling. Once you’ve decided how you want something to feel and visualized it that’s how it will feel. I don’t know why – it just does.

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  3. Pete says:

    Sounds like Tai Chi theory–everything comes from Wu Chi–nothingness.

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