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Donna Eden – 5 Minute Energy Routine

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A couple of week’s ago I told you about a book I was reading – Almost Superhuman

Did you read it yet?  Great – isn’t it?  I am still loving and incorporating all that I have learned.

The link to this video wasn’t in the book – I found it on a resource page Jason sends out after you place your order for the book.  And to say I was thrilled was an understatement.

Donna Eden’s book, Energy Medicine, is one of the first of its kind I ever read – and I have referred back to it so many times that it is now pretty beat up.  Her work is not something you read and put aside – this stuff – like the stuff in Almost Superhuman – is what you want to refer to – and use – day in and day out – because it works – and works really really well.

I love it when the simpliest tools prove to be the most effective – don’t you?

(to watch directly on youtube: Donna Eden)


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Donna Eden – 5 Minute Energy Routine, 9.3 out of 10 based on 10 ratings
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2 Responses to “Donna Eden – 5 Minute Energy Routine”

  1. Annamarie says:

    Hi there,
    I have ben using energy medicine for about 3 years now, doing all the
    self help and practising on friends, it truely is the best thing to keep young, healthy and happy.
    Donna is full of life on the videos and so will you be when you do the 5 minute “stuff” every morning.
    I could not be without it.
    When I first heard about doing as many No8 circles with your body as
    you can find about 5 years ago, “immagine” and do them, my body turned young again and I have integrated those circles into my excersice program.
    Donna has a very special place in my being now, I cannot even think
    of being without the 5 min. energizer.
    Love and Blessings

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  2. Gail Jones says:

    Donna is #1 Healer in my book, and so pleasurable to watch.

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