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Donna Eden’s Temporal Tap

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I have never made it a secret that I love love love Donna Eden’s work.  I have owned her book, Energy Medicine, for many years and will not give it up to anyone.  It is one of the few books I own with a broken spine from so much use.

The Temporal Tap is one process that I seem to keep coming back to  and I get excited about it (really excited) but then I never quite follow through – and after a day or so I just find myself forgetting to do it.

So – this time when I rediscovered the process I had an idea.  What if I make it public on the ezine that I am really going to pick something I intend to change – and I am going to work the Temporal Tap 3xs per day until the change occurs or 30 days pass – and I am going to publicly report my progress.

So – what is my goal?

Weight Loss :-)

I have been struggling with the last 14 pounds that keep me from my “dream weight”  and it seems like no matter what I do the weight keeps circling around where I Am.

Since I am setting up a 30 day challenge I won’t tackle all 14 pounds at once – just 5 pounds will make a huge difference in how I feel – and will absolutely prove to me that this stuff works (at which time I will move on to my next goal – and my next – and then my next)

So the statements I am going to use (check out the video for details on creating your own)

On the left side…

*I am no longer carrying any extra weight

And on the right

* I look so fine at 129 :-)

I invite you to join me on this 30 day challenge – to share your goals with us – and to come back and let us know how it’s going.

Can you imagine what we can create in our lives?

(to watch directly on youtube: Donna Eden’s Temporal Tap)

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2 Responses to “Donna Eden’s Temporal Tap”

  1. Leila says:

    I just tried the strength test on my son and I didn’t get a response as Donna did in the video. Does anyone know why this might happen? If it works this would be a great way to change habits.

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  2. Shahin says:

    Thanks Donna for the valued information on the Temporal Tapping.
    I have been using EFT on several issues for a while with belief and faith.
    On the subject of Allergy,being allergic to some foods like Fava Beans, from what I read extensively, I understand Allergy is a chemical reaction as a result of the “wrong” food entering the body.
    The reaction, which is definitely a defense mechanism to warn the person, by symptom, that something is wrong.
    To bypass this reaction,instead of avoiding certain types of food, we are causing more complications.
    Please correct me if I am wrong.


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