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Don’t Leave in the Middle of Your Story! by Len Wright

Most of the time we get caught up believing what our mind tells us is happening instead of realizing that in any experience we are in the middle of the story and we don’t ever know what the next moment holds.

It’s like walking out on a movie in the middle thinking we already know the ending!

Our moments are joined together like a chain but when an unexpected event happens our first inclination is to run away, hide or do anything to distract ourselves from that unwanted experience.  The thing we forget is that we do not always know what is best for us in any given time.

To judge our experience is to not accept the gift we were given because we didn’t like the wrapping it came in.  In the instant of judgement upon that event, we cut ourselves off from learning why it has been attracted to us.

To be fully awake and fully engaged in the moment that we are in we leave ourselves open to the limitless possibilities.  As soon as we step out of that moment and follow any of the distractions that our mind gives us, which includes excuses & defending our actions or trying to explain the event or why we did what we did, we limit our possibilities to only those that we believe that we can have.

As you well know, most of the time, what we set out for ourselves and believe is possible for ourselves is much less than source does.

Our intelligent universe allows for limitless and endless possibilities in every moment.  To be open to all of them and be open to the betterment that can exist for us is only available if we are accepting of what the moment has given us, even if we don’t understand what or why.

Remember that during that “unwanted” event we are only seeing just a small fraction of the story that is unfolding…of course we would feel confused, we are only seeing it from one perception and only seeing a partial picture of what is really going on.

Haven’t you experienced events that after you go through them you can look back and see why it happened even though while you were going through it, it looked “bad”?  I know I have, many times!

So lets talk a bit about how we stay awake in that moment so that we can make a conscious choice rather than one from a re-action.   Well, it takes practice and that is where most people are falling down.

Its easy to talk about being awake, living in the present moment, its easy to “think” we understand it but the power in your spiritual growth is experiential which means that the real and true power in our  understanding comes through actually practicing and having the experiences.

This is how our faith is built.  Without this, we only have an idea about what our spirituality could be and we even limit that.

What CAN be provided for us in each experience far outweighs what we would generally choose for ourselves.  The human tendency is to think we already know whats best for us…that’s the downfall.

When we think we already know, we have taken ourselves out of our power position and into a position that limits what is possible only to what our beliefs tell us is possible.  That possibility is also drawn in that moment from the negative state that is usually already chosen as our re-action to the experience.

So, in reality our choice stems from resistance to what is and not from acceptance of what is.   Usually our beliefs are the ones that berate us and they aren’t going to provide the best answers in that moment.  Its like listening to the secret conspirator within (fear) thinking that its going to lead you to freedom.

It knows nothing of the sort!  It’s not of the same energy as freedom and it can’t lead you down that path.

“Living is a form of not being sure, not knowing what next or how. The moment we know how, we begin to die a little. We never entirely know. We guess. We may be wrong, but we take leap after leap in the dark.” —Agnes de Mille

Learn to sit with those feelings, distractions and inner tuggings without answering them in any way.  Remember…What you resist persists, so I suggest that you go to work.

The next time an event comes to you, drop the need to resist it and to distract yourself!

Instead, teach yourself how to sit quietly and become the observer to what is going on within and in your physical simultaneously.  Watch and listen to how fear talks to you, trying to get you to act with it, to solve or fix the experience…then do nothing except sit with it and observe.

See it for the illusion it is and you’ll begin to experience the whole of the story as it unfolds within you.  You are the true composer of your music, do not be led by the instruments!  See clearly how that voice inside you of fear and the intense feelings that come along with it start to fade.

Then and only then will you truly know what courage means and start to see through the veil of the illusion and the part you play in directing it all.

“The real reason why it’s futile to resist what life brings to your “door” is because you’ve forgotten that the “house” you dwell within is a “rental”…and that the Real Owner has requested whatever is delivered there!” ~ Guy Finley

Len Wright – Self Realization Author & Speaker. Turn any moment of darkness into a guiding light!  Find out how the Transformative Power of Letting Go can Change Your Life forever by visiting www.LearnToLetGoNow.com

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Don’t Leave in the Middle of Your Story! by Len Wright, 10.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
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2 Responses to “Don’t Leave in the Middle of Your Story! by Len Wright”

  1. Leila says:

    I really enjoyed this article. It makes you think how many opportunities there are in a day :)

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  2. Erin says:

    This is great. Exactly what I need to hear right now, thank you so much.

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