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Devil’s Plan for Destruction by Chris Cade

After sharing the story “The Devil’s Plan for Destruction” by Guy Finley (one of my favorite authors!), I received an interesting response.

Usually I don’t respond to questions around coaching and clarification (that’s what the “Ask Chris” feature is for on my website), but because this person is a Liberate Your Life program participant I decided to make an exception.

After exchanging a few emails with this person, I realized that more people would benefit from what I shared, so I’ve decided to share that email exchange with you. First though, is this story from Guy Finley that was the catalyst for the conversation…

“The Devil’s Plan For Destruction”
– by Guy Finley

The chief devil calls together every possible evil entity that is in range of his magnetic voice and says, “How can we interfere up there in the world that dwells between ours and the Light we despise? What can we do to further deceive human beings? We must keep them living in the dark, unaware of the Light that wants to release them from our influence. I want something so evil, so sinister, that no one will know what happened. Who’s got a good idea?”

That instant the flames of all the little imps gathered there in the smoldering dark go dim; they’re afraid of their leader, who will fry them for failing. A day later, as planned, they all return with a few ideas, although nothing spectacular. Then, out of nowhere, one tiny imp hops on the shoulder of the chief devil and whispers something in his ear. A second later, and *kaboom* flames shoot out of every pore of the chief devil as he shouts, “Ah! I have the plan in hand!”

He looks around at all of his lieutenants, each of whom is assigned to certain individuals on Earth, and gleefully instructs them: “I want you to go up there and slowly spread among the sleeping masses the idea of ‘tolerance.’ Do whatever it takes to succeed. Convince them that this idea is their own, and that they should start teaching that learning to tolerate each other is the same as loving one another. Oh yes! This is my best deception yet! It’s a real killer!”

To which this Liberate Your Life program participant writes to me…

“I am not too sure that I grasped the meaning of the story, but to quote Sir William Shakespeare: “There is no darkness, but ignorance.”

Here’s what I wrote back…

The meaning is within the word “tolerance.”

Most people PRETEND to like (or love) others, when really they’re just “putting up with” a person because they feel they have to.

This creates a split in the heart ~ people feeling negatively towards a person, yet acting nicely. Tolerance lacks integrity because it pretends to express kindness when kindness is not actually felt.

In other words, tolerance is a form of subconscious (and sometimes conscious) hypocrisy.

And then here’s what that person wrote back to me…

“I agree with your argument about “tolerance” being a form of subconscious hypocrisy, but there again, in my experience at least, it is often the most practical or pragmatic mode of behavior…

especially with people that we do not particularly like or care for… to avoid confrontations and conflicts from arising. In other words, “live and let live.”

And here was my final reply:

In childhood, “tolerance” was necessary for survival. As adults, we perceive it as necessary because we’re unwilling to engage in confrontations or conflicts that would disrupt our life significantly.

In other words, we continue to be hypocrites because the discomfort of conflict and disruption is greater than the inner drive to align our conscious and subconscious minds with our actions. We’re nice and “tolerate” the person because we are scared what will happen if we don’t “tolerate” the person.

Many people responded disagree with what I wrote above. People fear losing their jobs if they don’t “tolerate” their bosses. People fear losing loved ones if they don’t “put up with” the aspects of people they don’t like.

In other words, tolerance is viewed as a “necessary evil” if we are to survive in the world. Yet it wasn’t until I wrote “necessary evil” just now that I realized how perfectly titled Guy Finley’s story is…

“The Devil’s Plan for Destruction”

Tolerance IS destructive, both inwardly towards ourselves and outwardly towards the world. It creates a facade in which authenticity is lost, and personal power is replaced with fear of change and feelings of insecurity.

That said, it’s important to realize that there are two ways to look at resolving the hypocrisy. One way is to take actions that are authentic expressions of how you already feel. For example:

  • If you feel angry, you respond with aggression and harshness…
  • If you feel you’ve been judged unfairly or been mistreated, you stand up for yourself…
  • If you feel unimportant, you tell people how hurt you feel…

In those examples, “taking action” is one way to no longer be a hypocrite. That may work sometimes, and it may be the appropriate course of action in some circumstances. Your outer expression is an accurate reflection of your inner experience. That approach will bring your thoughts, feelings, and actions into integrity.

Though if you’re feeling so rageful that you really want to kill somebody, acting on that would quickly cause irreversible harm to many people and land you in prison.

(or the electric chair if you live in Texas)

So in extreme case, resolving hypocrisy issues through action could potentially lead to very negative and undesireable consequences… more undesireable than the discomfort or pain we feel while staying in the hypocritical state of silently wishing ill-will towards others while outwardly acting kindly.

That’s why the Inner Critic does not want you to resolve hypocrisy and inner conflicts. The more conflict the Inner Critic can create within you, the more easily it can keep you controlled within the boundaries of fear. The Inner Critic has very specific ideas about the “worst case scenario” that will unfold when you take actions to bring your feelings and inner world into integrity with your outer world.

Therefore, I recommend before you take action in the outer world to resolve your feelings of “tolerance” and the associated inner hypocrisy, explore another option:

Do “real inner work.”

This is equally as fearful to the Inner Critic whose goal is to keep you small, safe, and surviving (in whatever form it thinks is best for you). See, the real issue around tolerance is the hypocrisy: Or put another way, the INNER experience we have which causes us to feel one way and then act another.

Tolerance by nature lacks compassion and authentic kindness.

Tolerance covers over our hearts with coldness, and it’s that coldness which causes us to act without integrity ~ that causes us to act one way while feeling another. That coldness is experienced as an insensitivity we have to the world around us, and to our experience in the world.

That is a real conflict within that we have at a deep and primal level.

And our Inner Critic is terribly frightened that ~ if we stop tolerating people ~ we will have to come face to face with that conflict.


Because if we do real inner work, what happens is that our coldness, our distance, our anger and frustration, get transformed into personal empowerment. We learn how to be truly present in the moment and to accept people as they are.

When that happens, miracles happen.

That’s because our inner coldness is transformed into, dare I say it, a form of love. More specifically, compassion as a form of love.

We begin to understand how much pain, difficulty, and harshness other people live with. We begin to understand why we “used to” have so much difficulty “tolerating” people.

And because of our transformed state — because we’ve done the inner work — we can’t help but love them and hold space for their wellness, even if they are acting in ways that are not in alignment with our values or what we consider to be “higher” values.

By shifting away from ‘tolerance’ and transforming that inner conflict into kindness and love, we can then act in integrity. We can smile and hug those who used to ‘annoy’ us the most. We can forgive those who hurt us… even before they hurt us (so to speak). We can work for the bosses who criticize our work.

And that’s all possible because we develop a kind of unconditional love for others, we recognize the difficulties we all face as humans, and we realize that sometimes a smile and a kind word are all it takes to transform a negative experience into a heartful one.

Now to circle back…

I’m not advocating that just because we do inner work and resolve our “tolerance” hypocrisy that we’ll stay in negative, destructive, or hurtful situations.

But instead of reacting negatively, we will have the inner peace of heart and mind, and the personal power, to more fully explore which aspects of our life must fall away.

We can see which relationships are fulfilling and need to be deepened. We then know intuitively when to engage more fully with an experience. And we know when to disengage from something (such as a negative person or situation).

After transforming our inner tolerance / hypocrisy / conflict, it may be appropriate to give people their distance when they judge harshly, while other times it may be appropriate to engage and speak our voice.

It may be appropriate to quit our job, or alternatively it may be right to talk with the HR department about how our manager is mistreating us.

We can act in all of those ways with compassion and kindness in our hearts.


Because those kinds of outcomes are possible as a result of doing real inner work to resolve conflicts and discomfort within yourself, the Inner Critic has intense fear and tries to keep you from doing real inner work.

But if we react purely out of our past conditioning (which includes tolerance), then we’ll never know the truly best outcome for a situation. We’ll continue to be driven by Inner Critic thoughts of how we “should” be to try and avoid what we fear is the worst-case outcome of taking action to resolve conflicts.

Tolerance doesn’t give us the power to take real, purposeful, personally powerful action. Tolerance disempowers us because our actions are not in alignment with our values and inner Truths. THAT is the real conflict. That’s the “inside job” that has to be worked on if we are to ever have the peace of mind to live in a world which is constantly hurling conflict after conflict at us.

When you do “real inner work,” I can’t promise that the negative situations in your life will get resolved the way you ideally think they “should.” What I can promise though, is that your inner world will transform in such fundamentally amazing and powerful ways that you’ll be more capable of moving forward in the world with the necessary strength, courage, and willpower to resolve the inner conflicts that arise no matter what outer experiences you may be having.

And now you know why my program is called “Liberate Your Life.”

Because your life — your inner life — is the one you have to live with until the day you die.

You can’t liberate the world…

You can’t liberate your annoying boss…

You can’t liberate your disrespectful family members…

And you can’t even liberate your significant others when they “just don’t get it.”

But you can Liberate Your Life because your life — your inner life — is the one thing you can develop total control over how you experience.

Click Here And Learn More About Liberate Your Life

Your Partner In Transformation,
Chris Cade


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5 Responses to “Devil’s Plan for Destruction by Chris Cade”

  1. Myrna says:

    On of the simplest and most effective ways I have found of doing “inner work” (I don’t particularly care for that term) is expressed by Pierre Pradervand in his book “The Gentle Art of Blessing.” Bless those who you find pushing your buttons. Bless their absolute integrity, their patience, their kindness, whatever you can bless in them. And bless your own integrity! (Integrity being the knowingness of who you really are as an expression of the Divine) The more you bless the other, the more you will feel the blessing, and instead of blessing to change the other, you will find yourself changed! You will be the love, and you will find the love showing up in the other. Bless! Bless! Bless!

    Thank you for this writing about tolerance. It opened new areas of understanding for me. And I bless

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  2. Anna says:

    Well said, your arguments for honesty within the predicament as a spirited human being, are well defined.
    Dear Chris
    Tolerance is not the same as accepting the other for who they are regardless of whether you agree with their actions or not. One would say ‘I do not agree with you, your actions or behavior, BUT I acknowledge your free choice, just as I do my own’.

    In so many cases we simply just have to – agree to disagree – whether we say it internally – or – to the other if it is appropriate. In so doing we set our own self and the other free to make ones own decisions and choices. AND YES it is with a certain kind of love for humanity. For LOVE is the best chance we have to transmute evil, badness, etc. to raise the collective vibration.
    Yours in liberation,

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  3. Lauren says:

    I learned a technique that I used over and over again until I absorbed it and now use naturally to get rid of my occurrings(the meaning I put on situations). I’ve actually shifted into that mode of kindness and understanding for people who have allowed their occurrings to run their lives. Tolerance and intolerance are labels for occurrings and IMHO obscure what is really going on. Anna is correct: “In so many cases we simply just have to – agree to disagree – whether we say it internally – or – to the other if it is appropriate. In so doing we set our own self and the other free to make ones own decisions and choices.”
    Love and Light

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  4. Lyn says:

    Very interesting perspective on tolerance, and very well said. I’d never thought of it this way, but I do ‘get it’!
    As we try to integrate all of our differences in this global society we now live in, it’s interesting that we’ve chosen to teach ‘tolerance’ as the solution to what should be acceptance…which is born out of enlightenment and increasing awareness.
    It’s disturbing too, that without realizing it, we’re encouraging people into a dis-empowering practice; creating an internal hypocrasy that will have the opposite effect of what we want. The internal conflicts won’t facilitate the healing, growth and bonding we’re really seeking.
    I encourage my clients to practice allowing others to be who they are by growing past the experience of what they don’t like or understand. Not tolerance, but something closer to acceptance. Now, I’ll talk more about the differences between tolerance and acceptance, and the why/how of getting to the point of acceptance. For some people this will present a challenge because acceptance of some things is more than they can handle from where they currently are on their spiritual paths.
    However, encouraging them to concentrate on the inner work and focus on enlightenment and spiritual growth will ease them into it because acceptance will come as a part of the process.
    Thank you for ‘enlightening and clarifying’ this for me too. ;-D

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  5. paulk says:

    what were talking about is more manifestations of the false mind..I don’t tolerate anything.. I’m not scared of anger because im not conditioned to believe it automatically leads to violence which is agian part ogf the chain of hypocrisy and the facade of normality..most of these same people who tolerate certain things or people are the same types who will ultimately tolerate infringements of their rights and ultimately their personal freedom. I think this is a very revealing piece of writing which cleverly exposes the control mechanisms for what they are. What about ‘rude’ how many times have you seen people play that card to reduce a persons perception and awareness of their surroundings so they become behoven to that limiting world that produces such unhealthy ‘rationalismms’ which stifle personal growth and awareness?

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