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Free Listen (for 24 hours) of Brian E Paulson’s Deep Release :-)

A chance to listen to one of the Newest Bio-Sonic offerings from Brian E Paulson

His vast knowledge of studio techniques as well as MIDI technology has allowed him to create unique sonic sculptures using digital samplers, synthesizers, and a huge collection of world instruments such as gongs, the Australian didgeridu, Mayan flutes, African kalimbas, Native American flutes, and instruments of his own design.

Brian’s ongoing research and musical projects are focused on the advancement of music as a powerful tool for the enrichment of one’s mental, physical and spiritual well-being. In particular, music that affects coherency of the human energy field, which plays a very important part in the well-being of each and every one of us.

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Deep Release

Deep Release is beautiful Bio-Sonic music designed to address the need for a gentle non-invasive treatment for physical/emotional trauma. After 10 years of creating over 500 personal albums for clients, Brian discovered what worked and why.

When we suffer from physical injury, pain, or emotional anguish, the mind-body-spirit collapses into a heightened state of tension and stress. Deep Release introduces exquisite Bio-Sonic music and hyper-phase psycho acoustic treatments to allow the body/brain to initiate the healing process. Deep Release reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, muscle stiffness and calms emotions. A dramatic change takes place in the listener as they begin to release, breath deeper, bring forth coherency to the brain and balance energy.

Ten years in the making, Deep Release, is formulated specifically for the healing of emotional and physical trauma. This piece of ART is not only brainwave music, but belongs in the category of true angelic music. Featuring soaring grand piano and delicate touches this 32-minute piece is an exquisite journey through sonic fields of peace and joy.

Brian’s understanding of using resonance to attain specific mind-body states goes beyond intuitive understanding to a deeper intellectual realization of the actual science of it. While constructed as a classical suite with distinct movements, midway through its duration Deep Release has a mellow world beat that effectively brings one’s entire body into entrainment. The journey to health starts within

This audio has no brain wave entrainment and can be listened to by anyone :-)

To Listen Just visit….

Deep Release

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Free Listen (for 24 hours) of Brian E Paulson’s Deep Release :-), 8.9 out of 10 based on 13 ratings
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