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Free Exclusive Gift From “Why Love Heals” Author Dr. Dean Shrock

The Power and Scientific Results of Guided Imagery

Dr Shrock’s doctoral dissertation was on the subject of guided imagery, and his research found literally hundreds of thousands of scientific studies proving the effectiveness of deliberate intention techniques like guided imagery.

Here’s an excellent clinical example from his experience as Director of Mind-Body Medicine for a physician management group of cancer centers. While this example is with cancer, his survey of the research in this field has demonstrated guided imagery to be effective to improve essentially any concern or condition.

As Dr. Shrock explains it…”One of my patients had a very advanced cancer and was in a great deal of pain. When I first met him he wasn’t expected to live two months. However, he used the guided imagery audio tape I made for him to imagine himself well. After six weeks of listening to this tape daily he went out and bought a new boat, and he and his wife told me repeatedly that they had the best summer of their lives fishing on that boat. When he finally did die, his wife buried him with his guided imagery tape and player. They were certain that this is why he lived so long and did so well.

Now, Dr. Shrock is offering you 2 very special guided imagery recordings as his special gift to you.

Why Love Heals CDConnect with the truth of who you are, with the Guided Imagery Experience Who Are You, from Dr. Shrock’s Guided Imagery To Experience Why Love Heals CD.

Since ancient times, every philosophy has attempted to answer the questions: Who Am I, Why Am I Here and Where Am I Going. In this guided imagery CD, Dr. Shrock guides you on a journey to travel back in time and space to approach, experience and witness the creative source within you.

Guided Relaxation CDNow you are able to experience the first track of this CD, absolutely Free, along with the first track of Dean’s Guided Imagery for Relaxation and Stress Management, Ocean Beach.

Along With the Guided Imagery Recordings You Will Also Receive…

the Why Love Heals e-course, which offers you insights and techniques for healing yourself and helping others to heal themselves through compassion, caring and love.

Dr. Dean Shrock served as Director of Mind-Body Medicine for a physician management group of 40 cancer centers, where he developed, taught, and researched a wellness program that extended survival with cancer. The result was that his patients lived longer because they felt loved and cared for. In his upcoming book (available from Amazon on August 24), Why Love Heals, Dr. Shrock reveals overwhelming evidence for the healing benefits of addressing the whole person. You have to treat the body, mind, and spirit. Now after more than 30 years of study and practice, he tells us in Why Love Heals how to stimulate the natural harmony and order that lies within us, where health and well-being are the only outcomes.

To claim these special gifts just go to:

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Free Exclusive Gift From "Why Love Heals" Author Dr. Dean Shrock, 9.2 out of 10 based on 6 ratings
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One Response to “Free Exclusive Gift From “Why Love Heals” Author Dr. Dean Shrock”

  1. Thank you Dean – what an awesome gift. I loved listening to both of these audio tracks. As you gently guided me to a place for me to discover Who I am I went into such a yummy place to learn the essence of me.

    Love, Light & Laughter,


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