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Daniel Wolbert: The Real Reason for Brains

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Neuroscientist Daniel Wolpert starts from a surprising premise: the brain evolved, not to think or feel, but to control movement. In this entertaining, data-rich talk he gives us a glimpse into how the brain creates the grace and agility of human motion.

This video is more technical then what we usually post – and deals with an idea we haven’t “thought of” before and I at least am finding it fascinating…

If the brain did not evolve to think or feel does that mean it’s not good at it?

During meditation/contemplation I have been watching my thoughts of late – “trying” to find out where they come from – and so far – haven’t been able to pinpoint their source but I can say that I haven’t found them in the brain.

Same with emotion – I can feel strong emotion in my heart and my gut – but my brain?  Normally it just gets foggy – which I suppose supports Daniel’s basic premise.

Would love to know your thoughts….


(to watch directly on youtube: Daniel Wolbert: The Real Reason for Brains)

by the way – I am not saying I agree with the premise laid out in this video – just that I find it fascinating – and it has given something new to think about :-)

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