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Daily OM: Learning to Live… Book Excerpt by Madisyn Taylor


I’ve often wished people were born with instruction manuals. Each would be different based on what we needed to learn, but the basics would be the same: how to create healthy relationships, how to deal with sorrow and pain, how to reach our goals, and how to know what we want to do with our lives when we grow up. We’d continue to have our own unique life lessons, but we’d have a guide to refer to when we were feeling overwhelmed or lost.

In real life, we don’t come with such a manual—or a warranty registration card, for that matter—to help fix us when we feel broken. What I’ve done with this book is the next best thing to a manual. I’ve set up tools so that you can actually learn to live your life in accordance with what your soul desires . . . learning to live the life you were meant to and having a guardian angel in the form of a book to help you along the way. We weren’t meant to go through life completely lost, without help, and I believe it’s part of my soul’s purpose to help people navigate their own lives.

It is one of my greatest blessings to be able to use my work as a vehicle to help others. In March of 2004, my husband and I started a company called DailyOM, which sends out free inspirational e-mails each weekday to our subscribers. Every day a message of hope, inspiration, peace, and healing is circulated out into the world as it makes its rounds among e-mail in-boxes across our great earth. The natural progression of this led me to put out my first book, DailyOM: Inspirational Thoughts for a Happy, Healthy, and Fulfilling Day (Hay House, 2008), which was so well received that a second one was called for.

This new book is formatted slightly differently. It’s divided into nine basic parts, starting out with Being Honest with Yourself and ending with Helping Others. In between is a magnificent journey of DailyOM stories—along with those from my own life so that you can read about times when I’ve been in the very same place you may be in, whether that place is one of feeling lost or confused or even at the point of giving up all hope of being happy. An amazing life is waiting for you. Your life.



When I started to talk with people about my first book, I noticed a pattern of frequently asked questions, the most common being: “How do you come up with a new DailyOM idea every day?” I sometimes wonder myself as I look back on the years without having ever missed a deadline. It became apparent soon after DailyOM was launched that I was to use my life experiences to help others. This gave me great relief, because it seemed a shame to have gone through so much pain, heartache, and growth just for myself without being able to share what I’d gained with others. It almost seemed wasted on one person. I’ve always been an open book and happy to share what I’ve learned with others so that their own journeys may be easier.

Soon I developed a system of working with the universe to help fine-tune the DailyOM stories. I decided to pick one day a week when I wouldn’t go into the office and would instead stay home and have a meditation day. I picked Tuesday for no particular reason.

First thing in the morning I sit at my altar and just spend some time there, clearing my head, breathing, and lighting a candle and incense. I then set my intention that this time be for writing down story ideas (five of them at a sitting) and ask to be a clear channel to receive the wisdom of the universe. At that point either I’m left completely blank or the messages start coming in strong. I’m shown an event or circumstance in my life and start to write down notes. I then feel what it was like to be in that situation, what I went through, the steps I took, and how I healed and moved on.

This process usually leaves me with about a paragraph of otes containing the essence of the story, although an entire story has come through all at once before. Often I’m asked to go outside, and I always love it when this guidance comes because of my enjoyment of nature and her profound messages. I may feel guided to watch ants or commune with a tree, and I know that a beautiful metaphorical story about nature and humanity will come forth. These are some of my very favorite stories because they’re easy for all to access and understand, as they’re very disarming to the soul.

The next logical question people always ask me is: “Do you mind being used in this way?” I don’t feel “used” at all, although sometimes I’d like a break from the lessons that seem to come every single day. I feel that this is a commitment I made on a soul level, and in return the universe provides for me and I am never without what I need. This work is in me, and even if I wanted to, I couldn’t escape it.

When I receive e-mails from readers about how these stories have changed their lives, I’m brought to my knees in tears of gratitude. There’s no greater feeling to me than fulfilling my life’s purpose and doing what elevates my soul, what makes it sing.

You too have the ability to allow your own soul to sing, and like me, you may find it takes a while to learn what it is that makes you happy and fulfilled. The journey is so worth it, and on those days when you just feel like giving up, take a deep breath and know that you are not alone.



Sample Chapter….

T R A N S L A T I N G  Y O U R  F EE L I N G S – A R E  Y O U  E X C I T E D  O R  S C A R E D ?

When new challenges and opportunities show up in our lives, we may diagnose ourselves as feeling scared when what we really feel is excited. Often we have not been taught how to welcome the thrill of a new opportunity, so we opt to back off, indulging our anxiety instead of awakening our courage. One way to inspire ourselves to embrace the opportunities that come our way is to look more deeply into our feelings and see that butterflies in the stomach and a rapidly beating heart are not necessarily signs that we are afraid.

Those very same feelings can be translated as excitement, curiosity, passion, and even love.

There is nothing wrong with being afraid as long as we do not let it stop us from doing the things that excite us. Most of us assume that brave people are fearless, but the truth is that they are simply more comfortable with fear because they face it on a regular basis. The more we do this, the more we feel excitement in the face of challenges rather than anxiety. The more we cultivate our ability to move forward instead of backing off, the more we trust ourselves to handle the new opportunity—whether it is a job, an exciting move, or a relationship. When we feel our fear, we can remind ourselves that maybe we are actually just excited.

We can assure ourselves that this opportunity has come our way because we are meant to take it. Framing things just a little differently can dramatically shift our mental state from one of resistance to one of openness. We can practice this new way of seeing things by saying aloud:

“I am really excited about this job interview,”

“I am really looking forward to going on a date with this amazing person,”

or “I am excited to have the opportunity to do something I have never done before.”

As we do so, we will feel our energy shift from fear, which paralyzes, to excitement, which empowers us to direct all that energy in the service of moving forward, growing, and learning.

Learning to Live is the next best thing to a personal instruction manual: a guiding light to reassure us that we’re on the right path, and to help fix us when we feel broken.  To download the first 45 pages , to purchase (which will then enable you to enter to win a San Diego Retreat as well as access many free gifts) or to just learn more visit…

Learning to Live

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