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Ask Cyndi: Cyndi Speaks :-)

Last Week I had the extreme pleasure of spending about 45 minutes talking to my dear friend Brad Yates.

Do you know Brad?

If not – then it’s about time – and a great way to start may be with this teleseminar he and I did last year where we created Energy Balls and sent them flying over to japan.  It’s a powerful technique and one that can be adapted to anything, absolutely anything.

But  I digress…

Last week Brad and I talked about the miracles that occur  once you make the decision to follow your passion

and we talked a bit about the Evolution Ezine

and we had a wonderful conversation about Brain Wave Entrainment and Super Mind Music – it’s beauty and uniqueness and its power…

By the time we were finished I knew I was where I wanted to be – doing what I wanted to do – working on the Ezine – connecting with all of you – and investing my love and passion into the Super Mind Music Collection – working with Iain, Jeff, and our composers to continue to enlarge the collection (did you listen to the newest album, Magic Healing Pool? Isn’t it wonderful :-)   ) and to find new creative ways to get the word out about what I know to be perhaps the most beautiful, powerful, innovative Mind Power, Inspiring, Healing products on the marketplace (can you tell I am excited)

In any case – fortunately – Brad and I taped our conversation – which means you can listen in simply by right clicking on the link below and “saving as”…

Cyndi’s Conversation with Brad Yates

Loving the Journey :-)

and for a bit more about Super Mind Music….

The music is absolutely amazing, stumbled on the website tonight and blown away by the most amazing sounds, love it.I will be back.  Thank You. Gavin

Super Mind Music

Two words to describe it: — Amazingly unforgettable!!!
One word to describe it so perfectly —- BLISS!
Thank you so much…

To Listen to sample tracks from each album – as well as learn about a VERY SPECIAL offer  visit……

The Super Mind Music Library

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