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Creation – Step IX – Cleaning Up Our Waters….

The following is a guest post written by Victoria Fabling – a member of our Evolution Ezine Community.  She wrote to me a few weeks ago to introduce me to Tongo Healing.  The idea is simple and powerful and I knew immediately that it would make a great addition to the Creation Game  (if you are new to The Creation Game visit Step I for all the details).

Tongo is really nothing more than consciously focusing on one landmark in our community or our world and seeing and intending it to be whole – clean – and healthy.   By taking these steps – and watching the progress – we will all be empowered to do even more for our world as we see what a few minutes a day of conscious focus will do.

For this step we are recommending a body of water – but if you prefer to target a park or a local landmark or even a bus terminal then – please – do that instead – just do it :)

And come back and tell us what happened.

OK – enough from me – here’s Victoria introducing Step IX – Cleaning Up Our Waters…

I invite you to join me in a game of creation for the benefit of our beautiful planet and all who sail in her.

Because water surrounds our planet and is an excellent conduit for other fluids, emotions and ideas, let’s start with a body of water, familiar to us, that we can see, touch and appreciate daily for a period of 8 weeks. With the news of the Gulf oil spill many of us reacted with righteous anger. “How could ‘they’ do this?” Let us take our power back, and instead of reacting to this disaster and other similar ones, let us create clean bodies of water everywhere, confident in the knowledge that they all flow into one another.

I will share with you the procedure I used to clean a body of water called the River Wandle. I lived opposite this narrow river at the time, and crossed the bridge into the park twice a day on my way to and from Collier’s Wood tube station in London, England. The river was being used as a dumping ground by the nearby leather factory, and was struggling.  To make matters worse the park was littered, so the rats had moved in.

Step one is to remind ourselves to be self-reliant. What I mean by this is – having selected a body of water, we make a decision to go into creative-mode, which is a right-brained activity. We will commit to catching ourselves if tempted to enter into energy-robbing reactive conversations such as gossip. Creation and reaction contain the same letters, but “c comes before r.” This statement will satisfy the ego, should it try to dissuade us from playing.

Step two is to allow ourselves to be child-like in our approach. I had a conversation with the River Wandle which went like this “I appreciate you, and can see you are a bit clogged up. Do you embrace the vision I hold of your being clean and sparkling again? Great, well let’s manifest this together as a team.”

Step three is, as you guessed, to befriend and converse with a pond, fountain or river that is close-by. Expect to sense some kind of feedback, which will come in the form of an internal smile, a feeling of expansion perhaps or lightness. By the way, it is OK to work with a body of water like a fountain which is not dirty. In this case we would be attentive to the surroundings and the type of conversation/attitude expressed by people, plants and animals in the area.

Step four is to hold the intent, an expectation of positive transformation for the good of the water and its many connections as it ‘networks’ with us.

Step five is as important as step one. We, as self-reliant individuals, are going to act as co-creators. This is an important task. We are going to imagine into existence pure, unpolluted water and/or a higher vibration in the neighbourhood.

Step six involves being in that same loving space we held in step three and sending a loving wave from our hearts to the water twice a day. Bringing to mind a time when we were at peak happiness helps, for this will ensure we send the wave with conviction and confidence.

Step seven is surrender time. We will be sending love and imaginary rays of light from our hearts to the water, holding the idea of health, harmony and positive transformation. This surrender time is a no-fuss time. We will connect twice daily in a playful, happy way, believing we are making a difference on a subtle level (s). We’ll believe in magic and trust the process.

Step eight coincides with the number for manifestation. After 8 weeks we will look at the water and notice a transformation either in the water or the immediate environment (which includes us).

Step nine. We continue to shine. I see us celebrating via Cyndi’s ezine  (Hi – just a quick comment from Cyndi – I think it would be great if  when you make the commitment  to a specific body of water you come and tell us the name – and if you take a “before picture” and then an “after picture” and send them to me I will find a way to publish them - just a couple of examples of the power of this process then I expect a momentum will really get going and before you know it all the fishes of our seas will be smiling :-)   )

The scientific basis for this experiment is firstly, that the River Wandle did indeed become sufficiently unpolluted to attract a pair of ducks, and because I was also picking up the litter and placing it in the trash cans, people felt disinclined to desecrate such a pretty park. The littering stopped after 3 weeks; the rats left shortly thereafter and on week eight, the ducks came to stay. I noticed that the water had no oily residue and I could see the pebbles in the bottom perfectly clearly. I felt empowered because I’d facilitated in the successful healing of my first client and I had just started studying healing at the time.

(hi – it’s Cyndi again – just wanted to point out that though  Victoria didn’t make it a specific step in the process – she did take “inspired action” and picked up the trash she saw in her path.  This is an important part of any manifesting process – if you feel a nudge to act – then act).

A few years later, still inspired by that experiment, I invited Dr Emoto to come to Kelowna in Canada to talk about “The Hidden Messages in Water. This concept made a huge impact on the guests I invited. We all got to see the beautiful photos of water crystals taken by Dr Emoto after consistent prayer had been sent their way. www.masaru-emoto.net. I also took the opportunity to tape words to the bottom of a dozen bottles of water then asked people to pick, and indicate on my survey form, which bottle of water contained a healing elixir for them. The words I picked were mostly positive. What was the result of the survey? Most people picked the bottle with the word “love” hidden on the bottom. The survey confirmed that words also have an energy imprint and water is indeed an excellent conductor. Love can be expressed in any language, and its vibration IS healing, happy, pure, light and expansive.

Homeopathy also supports our creation game with its premise that a small drop of a healing elixir diluted in a bigger body of water isn’t lost; on the contrary the diluted water is often just as potent.

Let’s enjoy the transformational process of playing Creation Game IX together, and if we all begin this first week in September we can be sharing our successes with the world before the end of 2010.


©Victoria Fabling

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2 Responses to “Creation – Step IX – Cleaning Up Our Waters….”

  1. Patel.R.D says:

    Thanku so much.A very beautifull article, which make us to think about our mother earth. I am Pranic healer and I work with energy.
    We meditate daily and bless the mother earth with love, happiness and rejuvanation. Let each of us contribute to make the mother earth a better place to live for our childerns.

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  2. patricia says:

    Wonderful message and I hope this really works. What is striking for me is the fact that I’ve just started working on an article on ‘BEVERAGES’ for a health magazine here in India and water is definitely the best beverage isn’t it?
    thanks for sharing
    Patricia Chandrashekhar

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