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Conflict and The Unified Field by Dr. Katie-Lynne Garnett

How do you handle conflict in the unified field? Would it be good to know that you are always as much a part of the problem as you are a part of the solution? Do you find the idea that you are actually a part of your own problem more enlightening or more irritating?

I have to admit that when I first learned that we are all entangled in the unified field, I was as irritated as I was intrigued. The thought that when I was angry, judgmental, sarcastic, when I thought mean thoughts, or sought retribution for things ‘done to me’, that I was creating more anger and meanness in the world in general.

I wanted to feel that I inhabited the ‘high ground’, that I was ‘in the right’ and that I was pursing the good course. And then I read Mother Teresa’s comment, I will never attend an anti-war rally; if you have a peace rally, invite me. That thought got me thinking differently and caused me to begin to evaluate my place on the Moral High Ground.

The more we learn about entanglement and the unified field, the more we learn about history, and the more we learn about the energy we carry in our hearts, the more we may want to pay closer attention to what we think, feel and say. We want to put more energy into what we want to create in the world rather than what we don’t want.

Handling personal conflict becomes simpler and more straightforward when you know that often the difficulties you create in your lives are the coming out of the difficulties you carry in your DNA programs. All those suggestions to Know Thyself and To Thine Own Self Be True, are actually blessings in our lives. The more we recognize our part in what exists in the unified field, the more likely we are to change what we are putting into the mix.

Along with teaching and coaching in the areas of the basics of self-knowledge, quantum physics, and behavior, I also teach and coach in the areas of Behavioral DNA Patterns. Once we know how we are likely to respond to others, and respond to situations based on our inherent genetic programs, we are better equipped to be the person we consciously choose to be. We can better behave toward others as we would hope they would behave toward us, and influence the unified field from a truly higher perspective of knowledge, energy and action.

It is important to remember that we know for sure, from quantum physics and from neurological and biochemical human research, that you can in fact, change your DNA programming, on purpose and by your intention.

The more you know about yourself, how you perceive the world, how you tend to respond to others, the more you are able to make the choices you would prefer in order to make your life the most fulfilling it can be.

First of all – Who do You Think You Are? What is your ‘Tribe’

1. Are you a person who is outgoing and friendly, comfortable being the center of attention, energetic, filled with ideas and are usually up for a party or karaoke?

2. Are you a person who enjoys people, but usually in smaller groups, has lots of creative ideas, but usually take more time to think them through.

3. Are you a person who is reserved, private, thoughtful – in the sense that things definitely need to make sense to you? Are you pretty logical and think things through before acting?

4. Are you a dynamic, straight-forward, bottom-line, sometimes impatient person?

Each of these four descriptions represent approximately 25% of the population worldwide, in every culture of the world, and these behavior patterns come in with your original DNA Patterns.

How is this information useful to making a positive effect on your life and the unified field? If you know what some of your basic ways of behaving are, some of your more predictable responses, and some of the ways you may become upset, it makes it easier for you to prevent negative responses and to deal more productively with them when they occur. It also helps you more easily expand your life in all the positive ways you cherish.

1. If you are more like the people in ‘tribe’ #1 – if you are more energetic, friendly and outgoing – your likely stress response is to make a personal attack on the other person. Think about that, when you get mad at someone, do you tend to do things like call them an idiot or demean them in some way? Do you later perhaps apologize and say something like, ‘don’t take it personally, I was just mad’. And do they then feel all better? Probably not, they may even hold a grudge or find a way to get back at you later. And are you often surprised when that happens? What was your part in their retribution? What did you put into the unified field?

2. If you are more like the people in ‘tribe’ #2 – if you are outgoing, but also a little bit shy, enjoy people, but also enjoy your alone time – then your stress response might be to acquiesce, to act as if everything is ‘just fine’, but in truth you are carrying a grudge, you are sending out judgment and silent anger into the unified field.

3. If you are more like the people in ‘tribe’ #3 – if you are fairly private and reserved, you like information complete and orderly (at least in your order), then your stress response is most likely to avoid, to walk out mentally or emotionally on the person or situation you are angry at, but later come back with a long-term grudge and lots of information about why you are clearly and definitely ‘right’. While carrying this grudge, you are sending this impacted negative energy into the unified field.

4. And finally, if you are more like the people in ‘tribe’ #4 – if you are direct, straight-forward, to the point, speak your mind and high energy, your stress response would be highly autocractic – the ‘my way or the highway’ form of communication. The energy you are sending into the unified field is the negative energy of your inherent rightness, which makes others inherently wrong.

All of this energy going into the unified field comes back on all of us, increasing the discomfort and tension and even sometimes the rage that we sometimes don’t have any idea was generated totally outside of our own minds or experience. We are all affected every day by the energy that everyone on the planet puts into the field. What are you contributing right now to that field? What would you like to contribute instead?

The more you know about yourself, your behavior, and your choices, and the more frequently you make the choice and decision to take responsibility and accountability for your own behavior, the more you can shift what you personally send into the unified field, and the greater your opportunity to live more comfortably and abundantly in the new higher consciousness we are creating.

Blessings, Dr. Katie
Dr. Katie Lynne Garnett is an educational psychologist, founder of Unfolding Your Spiritual DNA, co-founder of Behavioral DNA Programs, co-founder of Programs for Awakening, Certified One Command Seminar Leader and Health & Wellness Coach and published author. Her professional work includes coaching, counseling and teaching in the areas of psychology and energy-healing techniques,

Dr. Garnett’s study of the phenomenon of quantum physics, paired with her research in the psychology of human behavior, healing, social change and the significance of The One Command and energy shifts in relation to human potentiality, brings her clients the capacity to reprogram their lives as they choose and align with their spiritual mission.

Dr. Katie co-hosts the radio-show Living in the Quantum Field with Asara Lovejoy on Contact Talk Radio. She also hosts the 4th week Wednesday Teleconference each month focusing on the significance of The One Command and the quantum physics of body-mind healing and transformation. You can read her articles in Evolution Ezine.

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2 Responses to “Conflict and The Unified Field by Dr. Katie-Lynne Garnett”

  1. Carol says:

    Thank you. Your article gives me food for thought because I see myself walking thru all 4 personalities and their responses.

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  2. Carol – I know! Aren’t we humans amazing creatures! Hugs and blessings, Katie

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