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Coming Back to Life… Are You Ready? by Jodi Chapman

Do you ever feel like you’re sleepwalking through life and aren’t sure how to wake up and reconnect? This is a fun exercise that will have you feeling more alive in no time!

Go through all of your old photos and find one that best represents you at your most plugged in.

What do I mean by that? You know how you can look at someone (especially their eyes) and see right away that they are disconnected – checked out – distracted – numb – sleeping through life. Well, this photo is going to be the exact opposite of that!

It can be from any time in your life where you were engaged, excited, awake! Look for a photo where your soul is shining right through your eyes! Look for a photo where you are truly living – rather than just going through the motions. Look for a photo that fills you with a remembering and an inner knowing that in that moment, you were truly living – truly alive – truly present.


Once you have the photo, make sure you do one (or all) of the following to ensure that you’ll see it often throughout your day:

  • Tape it up where you will see it often.
  • Make copies and put them all around your house. (Be sure to tell your family members in on this project – maybe invite them to join in!)
  • Use it for your desktop photo on your computer.
  • Put it in your car.
  • Put it in your wallet and make sure you look at it every time you pay for something.
  • Put it on your nightstand.

Here’s why it’s important to post it where you will see it often:
You are – in a way – rewiring your brain.

When you get stuck in a habit, it takes practice and evidence to get out of it. So, because your habit has been feeling disconnected and numb, it can be hard to even remember a time when you weren’t feeling this way.

This photo is your evidence! It’s there to tell your brain that this can happen – you can plug in and be fully alive! And now you have proof!

What this photo isn’t:

  • A way to berate yourself for moving far away from this space of aliveness. (You are human, and you have been through a lot. You are making the conscious choice to awaken now – in spite of all you’ve been through. And that takes guts. You have been away, and now you are coming back to life.)
  • A way to wish you could go back in time and be the person you were when that picture was taken. You can’t go back. And even if you could, think of all of the life lessons that you have learned since that picture was taken. Think of all of the experiences that you’ve had since then. Yes, some of them have been painful, but some of them have also been wonderful. And, if you went back in time, you would just have to relive all of these experiences over again. So if you’re ready to move forward, going back into the past is definitely not moving in that direction. You aren’t the same person you were then. You are so much more!

What you are doing in this exercise is taking the aspects of yourself from the photo that you love, and you’re bringing them with you on your journey into the present moment. You’re really stepping into the feeling rather than the circumstances. You can’t bring the circumstances forward, but you can definitely bring the feelings forward.

Now that you have chosen your photo and put it up where you will see it, take a moment to answer the following questions:

  1. Why did you choose this photo? What about it spoke to you?
  2. What feelings does seeing this photo bring up for you?
  3. If you took a picture of yourself today, how would it differ from this photo?
  4. What are 5 things about your life then that you want to bring forward into your life now? How do you think you could begin to do that?

This exercise will help you remember a moment in your life where you were feeling alive so you can believe that you will be able to feel that way again. Be sure to look at this photo several times a day and really take in the feelings of aliveness. Tapping into those feelings will help you wake up and live more fully in your present life. Are you ready to come back to life?

P.S. – This exercise is from my Coming Back to Life Ecourse – 6 weeks of reconnecting to your soul and the magic that’s all around you! I would love for you to join us!  – Jodi Chapman


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Coming Back to Life… Are You Ready? by Jodi Chapman, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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5 Responses to “Coming Back to Life… Are You Ready? by Jodi Chapman”

  1. Duncan McClintock says:

    What can I do if there are no photos of a connected me?

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  2. Jodi Chapman says:

    Hi Duncan,
    Great question! If you don’t have any photos where you felt connected, I would suggest this: Create a photo in your mind’s eye. Think about a time where you felt this connection – happy, alive, and plugged in. And then close your eyes and go back to that place. How did you look? What were you wearing? How old were you? Really FEEL the experience. And then take a mental snapshot. And rather than posting the photo around your home, schedule time into your day to go back to this feeling and see the photo in your mind’s eye.
    I hope this is helpful for you.

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  3. Jamie says:

    I have a time, a very recent time that I consider to be one of the best day of my life up until now. No photo of it, but can vividly remember the feeling, the time, the day, what I wore, the weather, everyone there etc. What if I expect every experience to feel that good, to be that fun, and then when it isn’t I feel disappointed?

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  4. Colin Smith says:

    Hi Jamie,
    The fact you are able to so vividly remember this time means you are well on your way!
    Get yourself into a relaxed state, maybe sitting quietly or laying down at a time you won’t be disturbed, take the phone off the hook and switch off that mobile.
    Take yourself back to that vivid memory and REALLY re-experience it, through all your senses – visual, auditory, kinisthetic etc. Enhance the image, the sounds, feelings, smells; make everything brighter, louder, better.
    Then ‘anchor’ that feeling in a way that is profound to you. If you’re a ‘feeling’ type of guy then use a physical anchor like squeezing your thumb and forefinger together. If you’re a musical auditory kind of guy and maybe there was a song that played that day or that reminds you of that day then replay it in your head and get a copy in the car/iPod etc.
    The key is to anchor those great feelings while you’re reliving it and then use the anchor at a later stage to get the feelings back.
    Presenters, self help gurus and top sports stars use anchors ALL the time!
    Good luck!

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  5. Leila says:

    This is a good idea. Like Jamie I have no photo of the time I remember often so as Colin suggests it works for me to feel myself back there with all my senses. Thanks.

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