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Free TeleSeminar Announcement:Energy Medicine for Cold and Flu Prevention

Over the past 10 months we have introduced you to Sound Healer Misa Hopkins (Sound Medicine) and Energy Healer Krystalya Marie’ (Healing with Symbols). I have worked with both of these woman separately and have found, in each case, tremendous success.

And now they have joined together in a way that benefits us all.

On November 18th at 1:00 EST  join in as Misa and Krystalya discuss the benefits of Energy Medicine for Cold and Flu prevention.  Learn how each of them energetically address the DNA to train it to recognize and fight off new and former virus strains for the prevention and relief of Colds and Flu.  Learn how the vibration of sound works and how it can assist the body in it’s healing, and how the energy of an image can also be used separately or in conjunction with the Sound Medicine to bring the body into a balanced healthy state.  Also, discover how your emotions, thoughts and beliefs affect the state of your wellbeing.

If you are curious and haven’t yet experienced the work of these two very powerful healers be sure to listen to the teleseminar conducted with Misa that caused me to say: “Wow the telseminar just ended a few minutes ago and my energy system is still buzzing” Sound Medicine TeleSeminar , or check out Krystalya’s healing symbols at:  You are Going to Have to Try It To Believe It

To Get the Details for this Event – and to Let Us know What Questions You Would Like Answered – just Visit….

Energy Medicine for Cold and Flu Prevention

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Free TeleSeminar Announcement:Energy Medicine for Cold and Flu Prevention, 8.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
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