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Do You Have A Great Idea? – Clearing Your Inner Path to Success-plus E-book by Susie Arnett

clear your path to success

CLEARING YOUR INNER PATH TO SUCCESS – Getting to that state where opportunity knocks and doors open -By Susie Arnett

Do you ever notice that whenever you feel really big and powerful and confident, sometimes there is an internal backlash and this feeling changes to judging yourself or others? This pattern was particularly apparent to me over a recent weekend.

I was attending a large yoga and music festival, during which I practiced four to six hours of yoga per day. Although I used to have a strong yoga practice, I had barely practiced in over a decade. During the weekend, though, I got my yoga back. It charged my body and my mind.

I was lucky to get into Baron Baptiste’s Power Yoga class. He is an inspiring teacher. Although his path of asanas is physical, he is teaching students to move past limitations. I was able to hold the crow pose for the first time in my life, not because I had gotten stronger or more flexible in one day, but because he helped me believe I could.

The next morning, I started the day with Seane Corn’s Detox Flow Yoga class. Like Baron, she expands beyond the physical practice, discussing the process of detoxing not only our bodies but our minds, our hearts, and our planet. Her line is: “It’s not what you eat, but what’s eating you.” In other words, you can eat all the right things, but if you’re continually stressed, miserable, and negative, all the gluten-free, organic, free-range, locally grown stuff will marinate in your misery and your body will still suffer.

After Seane’s class (and, by then, 12 hours of yoga in three days), amazing things began to happen. I began to feel big and powerful. I was taking up space. I visited a friend and her husband afterwards, and I had no self-doubt. At their home, I met someone with funding who is very interested in two of my projects.

But then, later that day, I began to contract. I began judging myself and others. I wondered, “Is it possible to continually expand without any contraction? Or is contraction a necessary part of the process, like exhaling?”

The first step for myself was identifying an inner voice that said I cannot take up much space or be very big. I experience this voice so clearly in my body that I need to breathe through it on a physical level. No amount of analysis or mental activity can touch the energy at this physical level. I asked myself, “How do I get back to that wonderful space where synchronicity occurs — where resources easily show up for my project and magic happens?

When I looked back over my past successes, they came through hard work, perseverance, and what I would have called luck. However, now I understand that luck is just another word for a specific state of being that I call the open door state. Yoga helps me get there.  What gets you there?

I wish I could offer you the magical 10 steps that will get you there but the fact is that only you know where you left the key.  Sure, there are lots of fingers pointing in this or that direction.  It’s a good bet that breathing deeply helps because neuroscience has taught us that a stressed out mind becomes fixated on problems and a calm mind can enlarge its focus to spot new opportunities. Some type of physical practice is valuable too because we are talking about taking an idea – that brainstorm of neurons – and birthing it in 3D reality, your body’s home court, so dropping deeply into your muscles and bones and fascia is key but there’s no one answer.  It could be yoga or moving like a snake or sitting still.  For others, it may be putting one’s bare feet on the ground for 10 minutes every morning.  Do you know what it is for you?  If not, the best way to figure it out is to experiment. Right now, we have wonderful online resources where you can try almost anything and for free.  Google has become one of my favorite tools on my spiritual path.

It all comes down to self-mastery — understanding yourself well enough to know how you get to that place inside you where you become magnetic.  I’m sure many of you readers understand this concept. But are you taking the steps to get there daily or even hourly? Are you actively cultivating that energy right now? This is idea development from the inside out and is as crucial an aspect of the idea development process as calling distributors and writing up business plans. How do you get to that place inside you where resources flow and doors open?  Opportunity is waiting for you to shift just a little so that door can open and miracles can occur. Ready to Learn more?    Click here to get your copy of the  Idea Development E-book for only $3.95.

Susie Arnett is a writer, producer, and idea coach who has spent over 20 years working with both individuals and businesses like MTV, Lifetime and Warner Brothers to develop, launch and grow their projects and businesses. Find out more about Susie Arnett here.

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Do You Have A Great Idea? - Clearing Your Inner Path to Success-plus E-book by Susie Arnett, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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2 Responses to “Do You Have A Great Idea? – Clearing Your Inner Path to Success-plus E-book by Susie Arnett”

  1. Leila says:

    Thanks for the interesting ideas in your article Susie. I think that several practices are expanding for me. Exercise is one. I haven’t used them in the conscious way you suggest.

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  2. Annette says:

    I resonate with what she said. I eat well but coupled with meditation to center me several times during the day I open the channel for wonderful things to happen. Also allowing it. Just cluttering the mind opens it up for the best things to happen in my life. Just got tired of my judgements. Just embrace them. Keep Claim and Carry on.

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