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4 Surefire Ways to Clear Your Mind by Cyndi Krupp

We are what we think.  Whether we like it or not our lives are created by the thoughts we think.  And the more we think a thought the more it acts to color our world, affect our actions, and create our reality.

We have all heard this before and yet most of us continue to allow lower vibrational thoughts to affect our lives.

As I have watched and studied and experimented it has become clearer to me that this is predominantly because there are soooo many thoughts flowing through our minds at any given time it can at least seem pretty impossible to control them all.

Which got me thinking :-)

What if it wasn’t so much “Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life”  so much as it was “Clear Your Mind of  All Thoughts and then Change your Life by adding thoughts to a Clear Mind” that was the key.

I have been playing with this idea for the past few weeks and so far the results have been amazing (greater peace, more creativity, more laughter, patience that I never knew existed).

Over the upcoming weeks and months I intend to share my experiences – but for now I thought I would begin by offering the following really powerful, proven, easier than you think tools to quieting your mind (and be sure to read all the way to the end for a very special opportunity to make a difference as well as a special offer from http://mindpowermp3.com)

1) Watch Your Thoughts

As crazy as it seems one of the fastest, easiest ways to clear your mind is to simply allow whatever thoughts are there to arise, without any attempt to judge or change. The key here, though, is to pay attention with curiosity and openness.

Since starting this practice I have noticed that vibrational lowering thoughts can be pretty tricky and like to show up when I am not really paying attention.  They come when I am in the grocery store, or preparing a meal, or driving the girls from one place to another.   They sneak in and until recently I would have sworn to you that sometimes my energy drops for no reason whatsoever – it just did.

But now that I am becoming more aware I am noticing that there is always a thought or two or twenty five before the energy shift – and when I can “catch it” I can successfully maintain my high vibrational state.  And when I catch the thoughts floating through my space I pretty much stop everything  (and if I can’t, I simply tell the thoughts that I want to hear what they have to say and that I will be with them shortly :-) ), sit down and say to the cluttered mind – ok, now I am listening, what is it you have to say.

And then I listen

and you know what happens?

The thoughts stop, the mind clears and a peace begins to expand into my space where chaos threatened only moments before.

2) Busy Hands to Clear Your Mind

Ever wonder why gardeners tend to be so peaceful and how they can spend hours weeding the garden without a complaint?

Or what the secret is to needlepoint, knitting, or pretty much any other fairly repetitive activity that many  invest so much time in.

For those not directly involved you may guess that it is the satisfaction of the finished product that motivates, and though that may be part of it,  the real gift is in the ease in which the mind will slip into a quiet meditative space while the hands are busy with an activity that requires just enough focus to keep one aware and present.

So the next time those 10 pounds of potatoes are waiting for someone to peel them, or the weeds are making it difficult to see the daisies, smile, roll up your sleeves and get those hands busy – for the busier the hands the clearer the mind :-)

3) Question Your Mind to Clarity

Here’s a very simple technique that can make a huge difference.  I discovered Quantum Entrainment just a few months ago and was drawn to it almost immediately.  I expect that after you spend some time with it you too will benefit from the ease and beautiful of this wonderful technique

4) Using the Power of Brain Wave Entrainment and Music to Clear Your Mind

Science has long since discovered that all matter, whether organic or inorganic, animal, plant, or mineral is energy of specific frequency.  Thoughts are also nothing other than packets of energy that can be thought of as acting upon the “physical” world – changing that world by changing the frequency by which the specific energy is vibrating.  Masaru Emoto’s work with water crystals is a perfect example of how thoughts (words) affect matter.

Music is sound vibration that effects the listener at a core energetic level.   According to Elena Mannes (The Power of Music), music stimulates more parts of the brain than any other human function.  Music can be used to speed healing, make one “smarter”, and relax the mind.   Everyone of us that has been exposed to music on any level knows that we are affected by what we listen too.

Studies have also revealed that our brains emit specific “brain wave frequencies” depending upon what  emotional/mental/spiritual state we are in.  Brain wave entrainment techniques are used to help ease the brain into very specific brain wave patterns, thus effectively helping the listener move into a specific state with ease.

Super Mind Music is a very special blending of the power of music and brain wave entrainment that effectively helps the listener move into any of a number of different states of being – including a relaxed mind. Blissful Meditation: Piano Moods especially has been shown to, within moments of listening, help one move from a hectic, chaotic state to a peaceful, clear mind.   It is a wonderful, highly recommended addition to your collection of tools to Clear your Mind.

And to make it a little easier for you to purchase your own copy click the link below to go to a private page where you can hear samples and purchase Blissful Meditation for $9.95 instead of the $14.95 you will find at the store (or the $29.95 many believe we should/could be charging)

BUY Blissful Moments for $9.95

Help Us Get the Word Out (and to show our appreciation…)

One of the most powerful commitments we can make to ourselves is to do whatever is necessary to clear our minds from all unnecessary chatter.  To allow it to rest so that we can bring forth only those thoughts that bring more light, beauty, abundance into our lives.  We would love to learn the methods you use to quiet your mind and once you share them with us we will put them together into an ebook that will be freely shared to all those who will benefit.

And in appreciation for those who contribute we will be randomly gifting a Super Mind Music download of the recipients choice (cool right?)

Life keeps getting better and better and…

With Joy and In Celebration of This Most Magnificent Journey

Cyndi :-)

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4 Surefire Ways to Clear Your Mind by Cyndi Krupp, 8.4 out of 10 based on 11 ratings
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7 Responses to “4 Surefire Ways to Clear Your Mind by Cyndi Krupp”

  1. nancy says:

    I have learned recently that picturing a calm lake helps to clear the mind. It may be rough and wavy in the beginning but allowing thoughts to come to the surface will allow them to clear the lake of waves. A few deep breaths, not judging the thoughts and before you know it, your lake is a smooth as glass. Your mind is clear.

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  2. Leila says:

    Hi Cyndi, I like your article. It’s true that if your mind is engaged with your hands you can get into a peaceful state.

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  3. Hemant says:

    Playing music, even small easy tunes like ‘happy birthday to you’ or twinkle twinkle little star helps cool u down

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  4. Chrissi says:

    funny enough, reading or bead sorting can put me into a relaxed state, I can completely lose track of time in the real world, I have been told that I actually am deaf to outside stimuli

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  5. Annette says:

    Cyndi, I really enjoyed your interview with Debra Ponemon. Thank You!

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  6. AdminCyndi says:

    Thanks Annette – I think Debra is awesome and always love talking to her :-)

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