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Love Can Change the World – Free Listen (and Free Wallpapers) of Our Newest Super Mind Music Album – Classic Love

The Idea

The music is mixed with frequencies that can help open your heart so you can give and accept love more easily…

Before you listen to the album, select someone who you’d like to help …by sending your love to them…

…This could be the friend who’s health could be better, or the stranger you saw in the street with the sad eyes. Anyone. Everyone could use a little more love.

(…you could also choose a few people, or a group of people …an animal …or even a plant!)

Then when your heart is open during the album, send your love.

Imagine a golden ball of energy, your love, leaving your heart …and entering the heart of the person you chose.

Pure selfless unconditional love. The best stuff.

Love can work miracles in the hearts of those who receive it, and we have the power to give it.

Loving changes your world. It affects the people you associate with, and if everyone loved selflessly, the entire world would be a different place…

Send your love to someone today.

The music

10 beautiful classical love songs including greats from Beethoven, Handel, Mendelssohn and Elgar, and compositions such as Ave Maria, Canon in D, Midsummers Night Dream Nocturne and Nimrod from Enigma.

The brainwave entrainment

This audio helps imprint love and acceptance both in the brain and body.

  • 12 HZ – Gateway to all frequencies
  • 25 HZ – Helps with anxiety and depression, helps let go and accept
  • 33 Hz – The Christ Consciousness Pyramid frequency and the 5th level of the Schumann resonance.
  • 10.5 Hz – Associated with Mind/ body healing and associated with the heart.
  • 8 Hz Mind/ body integration associated with root chakra

For the Opportunity to listen to Classic Love (and download some great wallpapers) for Free visit…

Classic Love Free Listen

After listening to the whole album, we would love to hear your feedback

…and please note, while you may feel something after just 1 listen, to get the full effects of Super Mind Music it is recommended you listen to the audio once a day for around 2 to 3 weeks.

This album is dedicated to my amazing Dad who sadly passed away in July 2012.

With love, always…


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Love Can Change the World – Free Listen (and Free Wallpapers) of Our Newest Super Mind Music Album – Classic Love, 9.4 out of 10 based on 11 ratings
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5 Responses to “Love Can Change the World – Free Listen (and Free Wallpapers) of Our Newest Super Mind Music Album – Classic Love”

  1. Tamara says:

    Dear Iain

    Love Can Change the world! I love and enjoy listening to this fantastic music and how it creates pathways in my mind.I use it regularly. Thank you.

    I am a glass artist and when my father pass over I created a beautiful stained glass window in Kauai & dedicated to him.
    Now my work takes me further and I’m making 1 of a kind “Memory Crystals” for others to remember their loved ones.
    It only takes a minute to look at my site;

    With much Love & Peace
    PS. They also make precious gifts

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  2. Hello from Montana,

    Thank you so much for the music. It was much too short. Needed it to keep going. Very relaxing.


    Judy Helm Wright aka “Auntie Artichoke”

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  3. AdminCyndi says:

    Hi Judy,

    The album is 43 minutes long. Did it load correctly for you?

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  4. Jo says:

    Love it – so relaxing and mellodic. It’s one of my favourites
    Many thanks for sharing

    J x

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  5. Tatiana says:

    Just beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing the looove.

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