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Relieving Stress at the Workplace by Paul Wong of Chinese Energetics

Do you love your work?

Or are you one of those people who just stay in their work because they need it? Indeed, only a few in the workforce can honestly say that they love their job. The rest of us are divided into those that are ambivalent  and those who are staying with the company because of necessity.

When the latter happens, it only means one thing – you are not happy with your work anymore. It does not bring you the fulfillment that you need. What does this lead to? STRESS.

Work-place related stress is perhaps one of the major reasons people hate or leave their job. There are a lot of issues in the work place. The most common is that you are not getting along with somebody inside the office. Another is that you have concerns with your boss. Now here comes the bigger problem: You cannot do anything about it. So instead of letting it out in the open, just to avoid trouble and further the problems in the workplace – you SUPPRESS your emotions.

Suppression is defined as a conscious exclusion of unacceptable desires, thoughts or memories from the mind. You suppress your emotions at work for numerous reasons, probably the one that tops the list is that you don’t want to lose your job. You think that going against the boss and making him or her angry you are going to get fired. You begin to worry about the stability of your employment, on how hard it is to find a new one, the needs of your family and the mortgage. So even though you are upset, you still smile at your boss and tell him that everything is fine, even though the tone of your voice and your energy doesn’t support it.

When you are a professional society is expecting you to act like one. This includes controlling your emotions. No matter how mad or upset you are, you cannot just confront a person and tell him your mind. Society asks you to be calm and rational about it. Instead of releasing your anger, you keep it inside you.

For instance, you were angry because the boss nagged you about your work, and then your co-workers would advise you to just shrug it off or don’t focus on being angry, instead, think positive. Although a lot of well-meaning people teach positive thinking or law of attraction, you should also bear in mind that this is a form of suppression. Yes, you may appear happy and pretend that nothing bad really happened on the outside, but underneath you have a lot of negative feelings. Unwanted energy is stored in your body. If you don’t have ways to deal with your stress, anger or anxiety, it can lead to physical pain. Most of us who feels physical pain would immediately go to a doctor for any medication to numb the feeling. But the fact is, if you just take the drug to numb the pain, you are not releasing the excessive amount of energies from stress and your body will no longer be able to take it.  Over time, you can experience accelerated deterioration, faster aging, and even more serious complications such as nervous breakdown, heart failure, stroke, and even cancer – all as a result of the buildup of stress.

You need to have ways to deal with suppressed emotions. There are people who do yoga or meditate regularly to release stress and other emotional energy. However, this may take too long. Considering you are in your workplace, you could not possibly meditate at your table during working hours or especially do yoga. While at work and you want to release stress immediately, one of the most powerful ways to do so is using the MIDLINE Principle.

What is Midline Principle?

Midline Principle was discovered by Dr. Kam Yuen and has origins from the Shaolin monastery. It is a channel of energy, and visually, it looks like a vertical plane that splits your body into equal halves.  By shifting your awareness known as a ‘correction’ to the Midline briefly, you rapidly balance, release, and clear out excessive energy.  Often times, stressful situations can sometimes be eliminated in minutes or seconds.

You can use this simple exercise to release stress immediately. You can do this anywhere, even in the office, during office hours because it would not take much time! This is an actual example of using the Midline Principle:

  • Think about an emotional/mental experience recently that made you feel irritated, sad, upset or angry. (An emotional experience could be the time when you feel upset because the boss got mad at your or the time you feel mad because someone in the office spread bad rumors about you on the other hand, a mental experience could be a time when you think too much of your problems at work or the reasons why your boss is angry with you).
  • Notice the presence of energy inside you. It could be in your neck, chest, stomach or even your legs.
  • Which part of the body do you feel it?
  • Think of the thought “Clear the negative effects of the experience.”  Then, shift your awareness to the midline.
  • Now, notice what happened. Can you feel the energy shift? Is there a difference with the way you feel right now?

This exercise is an introduction to a series of powerful natural principles for self-healing and personal wellness.

To learn more about Chinese Energetics and the principles of neutrality, go to


About Paul Wong. Paul is a life coach with deep expertise in energetics.  His passion for understanding the human potential led him on a journey to uncover the secrets of universe.  Over the last 20 years of practicing various holistic approaches, he found that one key to life is the principle of ‘neutrality.’  Energetically, it is a space of pure energy and consciousness.  After working with a few hundred clients, Paul noticed that when they accessed the space of neutrality, physical and non-physical issues heal rapidly and peak human performance is maximized.  Paul teaches the energetics classes on assessing neutrality, and provides distance healing and coaching services.


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    This was a very interesting article. I am looking forward to using this exercise and learning more about Chinese Energetics. Thanks.

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    Really need this.
    Thanks a million.

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