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Chakra Healing Part 6: The Third Eye

Everyone is psychic…


It is just a matter of learning how to tune into your “Inner Sight” and learning how to trust what you are given.

Because often the messages received make no sense to the intellect/analytical mind.  And when they make no sense many choose to toss them aside for what is familiar/known.

But doing things the way way we have always done them just isn’t working for most of us anymore – not with the rapid rate our world is changing.

And accessing the information from our higher self – which we CAN ALL DO through opening and strengthening our connection with the third eye can absolutely ease our way into our Highest and Best expression of ourselves.

Watch as Carol Tuttle takes¬† us through some exercises for opening the 3rd Eye and then commit to practicing now – when it doesn’t count.

You will be glad you did :-)


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One Response to “Chakra Healing Part 6: The Third Eye”

  1. Jenny says:

    Thanks Carol,
    I loved the miner’s lamp analogy. I haven’t time to devote to another home study course at the moment but I will make good use of your gifts. I really appreciate your videos.
    Abundant blessings

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