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The Art of Sacred Travel by Celtic Mystical Journeys

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” — Helen Keller

Sacred Travel is becoming a new way to travel, one that is beyond the ordinary. It gives us the opportunity to discover not only ancient lands, but also to discover more of ourselves.

We find ourselves pulled to visit ancient temples of the gods and goddesses, shrines and places of worship, mysterious mountains known for their power, wells, fountains and waterfalls with healing properties in their waters.

Praying Hands

We discover new ways of seeing the world as we connect with other cultures and begin to see through their eyes.

We learn ancient, lost and buried stories and legends. We reawaken the old practices of honoring the goddess, the elements and nature.

As we travel we discover that we begin to lessen our hold on our outward reality and journey inside. We are out of the comforts and security of our daily lives. Our patterns and habits are interrupted and it becomes an excellent opportunity to open to the New. It gives us a chance to look at what we do and why. We can more easily see through our illusions and the masks and roles we play and find what is behind them.

Sacred and spiritual travel become an opportunity for transformation on all levels. As Henry Miller put it, “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”


How do we bring the Sacred into our Travels?

Whether planning your trip, or while you are on it, there are simple things you can do to bring in more connection with the Sacred.

• Follow your Spirit. Let your Spirit and intuition guide you.
• Pay attention to synchronicities. You may feel called to read a book, or hear something repeated in various ways, or meet someone new that may open a new path or direction for you.
• Listen to your heart. What would you love to do? What brings you joy? Have you always wanted to visit Egypt, or Peru, or Stonehenge? Do it!
• Open to your other senses. Feel, sense, imagine – listen to the trees, the birds, the winds, the streams. Touch the ancient stones of monuments and temples, close your eyes and see where they take you.
• You can bring the Sacred into your day, or into places you visit with a simple ritual or ceremony.
• Take time to get still and quiet. Meditate on a rock, or while sitting in a temple.
• Sacred Travel isn’t about just running from place to place … it’s the time between the action … you may get more from the experience if you take it easy, slow down a bit, take more time for rest and reflection. Take a quiet day in the midst of all the places you visit.
• Journal and reflect on what insights come to you. Think about how you can bring these discoveries back into your daily life.

tara stone

As you travel, consider new ways of looking at the world. Expand your thoughts, your ideas, your awareness. Travel with an open heart and with consciousness, for a world that is beyond what you’ve seen and become accustomed to. Travel as a Pilgrim, as Isabelle Kingston so eloquently expresses:


We are told we should be pilgrims in life,
but instead we have become tourists.
Pilgrims are on a special journey. Every part of it has meaning -
the setbacks the frustrations, as well as the joys.
Tourists are out to enjoy life, to seek pleasure, fun or just rest.
Pilgrims carry little with them, just enough for their needs.
Tourists are burdened with possessions and are always anxious about losing them.
Pilgrims stay as long as they need to be in a place.
Tourists have schedules to keep and are always rushing on.
Pilgrims are humble, open to people and experiences.
Tourists are arrogant, they know what they want, and they’ll see it, do it, find it.
Pilgrims share what they have.
Tourists never have quite enough.
Pilgrims are changed by their journey.
Tourists are always a little bit disappointed -
it is never quite as good as they had hoped.
Lord, help us to be pilgrims in life – not just tourists.

- Isabelle Kingston –

If you’re feeling called to journey to a new land, to discover something new, go for it! Let yourself be inconvenienced by a train or bus not being on schedule. It may be hot, buses may be crowded, people may not act as you expect them to act … it most certainly will be different! You may also discover beauty, joy, sweet energies, open hearts, and a way of belonging to the world that you hadn’t known.
Let yourself go, let yourself be changed!

More about Sacred Travel:

What is the difference between a normal tour and a spiritual tour?

The normal tour may take in many of the same places as a spiritual tour. The difference is the depth of experience that a spiritual tour gives. A spiritual tour involves visiting sacred places and taking time to link with the land, the energy field, the consciousness and magic of times past. The sacred sites are utilized to give clarity and understanding to our own lives, as we build an awareness and understanding that is a creative force for our future.

Do all sacred sites hold the same energy?

Each site visited holds a different matrix of information. Each individual will have a different experience, some stronger than others.

What makes a site sacred?

These are places that hold unseen vibrations, and often are used with religious ceremonies. Over the years, these places became empowered and were of great assistance to the community. Holy places have been visited and used for many thousands of years, because they hold natural energy. They are Earth’s hot spots. Stones were placed in many of these and pyramids, churches, temples, altars and monasteries were built to amplify the energy.

What is a Pilgrimage?

Pilgrimage has always been an important expression of the spiritual journey. Holy places are visited, where people feel drawn in order to find a sense of the sacred in their lives. In a pilgrimage, the journey is as important as the destination. In traveling to the sacred place, one is transformed and renewed.


Celtic Mystical Journeys was created by Finbarr Ross as a vehicle to facilitate personal and group travel to the sacred power sites of Ireland, England, Scotland and France. He describes these journeys as pathways of self-discovery, conscious awareness, and spiritual wisdom.

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The Art of Sacred Travel by Celtic Mystical Journeys, 9.1 out of 10 based on 7 ratings
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5 Responses to “The Art of Sacred Travel by Celtic Mystical Journeys”

  1. Misa says:

    Really great trips about how to bring the sacred into our travels. Thank you!

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  2. Jean says:

    Great to see the “Praying Hands of Mary” or as the locals know it The Split Stone. Visited the stone many times when I lived in the area and seeing it again brings back many happy memories of my time spent in Glenlyon. The base looks a bit different – larger – maybe photoshopped some in the name of aesthetics. Can’t recall so many rocks around the base and not a sheep in sight!!!

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  3. Lauren says:

    I recently visited Nevada and I felt like the pilgrim described in the poem above. Everywhere I went I focused all my attention, taking pics and writing notes in a notebook. Smelling the scent of sagebrush and the dust. Drinking in the sunsets and the wild horses we spotted. Listening deeply to people we met through our friend and listening to him and learning all I could. Really enjoying the food we ate. Feeling the hot Nevada sun on my skin. Really plunging into the experience opened up my heart and spirit, one that I carry with me still. Would really like to visit New Mexico, Macchu Pichu, Stonehenge, and the area once known as Mesopotamia. Of course, I feel that spiritual connection whenever I walk into nature out my own front door and pay attention to what is going on around me. Love and Light

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  4. Leila says:

    I liked this gently article and the poem is lovely. Speed is such a habitual thing and hard to reverse but slowing down the speed of travel would help to make the journey longer.

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  5. Ixchel says:

    Lauren, I really appreciate what you shared. Our experiences transform as we take a new perspective into our adventures. And we can do this anywhere, even walking down the street in our own town.

    I am getting ready for my next adventure to Mexico. I like to read this poem often, to remember to be a Pilgrim, wherever I go.

    Enjoy your travels!

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