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Before Looking Ahead Take Some Time to Look Behind and…..

Celebrate your successes

That’s right – I know it is a new year – 2013 – and if you are anything at all like me you have some great plans/expectations for the next 12 months and beyond.  And that is great, because the energy right now is phenomenal for powerful manifestation and being super clear on your intentions will reap rewards more powerfully and more quickly then it ever has in the past.

But before you let 2012 get too far behind you I suggest you carve out some time to sit and consider (document even….)

1) Your Major Accomplishments over the past 12 Months – and there were some – guaranteed.  If you are here now, accessing the internet and reading this post then you have been successful.  Challenge yourself to list at least 20 accomplishments and commit to keeping that list close so that you can access it whenever your ego mind starts to tell you that you never accomplish anything.  As an example here’s a peak at some of the things on my list…..

  1. My 14 year old daughter told me that when she is a Mother she wants to be like me – because what I am doing works
  2. My weight dropped into range the medical community considers “healthy” for my height – and even dipped a few pounds closer to the center of the healthy range
  3. I started weight training and hit my first goal of being able to bench press 100 pounds
  4. I started doing teleseminars and sharing my message with more people
  5. Mindpowermp3.com has grown considerably – and my efforts has helped create the positive results people are getting as documented in the testimonials

Now – for full disclosure (and to help with your own lists) – my weight hasn’t stayed in that ideal range, my daughter has moments where she is able to acknowledge she appreciates me and many more “hours” where I am clueless and a pain, and my weight training practice goes well for awhile and then I get distracted and find a few weeks go by without a trip to the gym, and….

For the purposes of this first list that is not the point.  The point here is too document those moments where you have hit a milestone, a moment in time where you have definitely moved forward, evidence that you are accomplishing and growing.  Because if you accomplished it once than you have proven it can be done :-)

2) The Challenges you have “Overcome/Grown From”

What challenges have you faced in 2012 and what have you learned from living through them.  What have you learned about yourself? Your strengths? Your capabilities?  In what ways did the Universe, in all its forms, show up to support you?

For me 2012 presented challenges on many fronts but the two areas that really stand out and that I present to you now as examples relate to my health and my relationship with my children.

In 2012 I began to work with Dr. Nadine to get a handle on the fatigue and brain fog that had been really affecting my quality of living.  After several weeks of experimentation it became clear that I was living with a significant candida overgrowth and with Dr. Nadine’s support I began a program to take my life back.  The experience was challenging and at times crazy and more than twice I found myself with much more willpower than I ever imagined I possessed and today I feel infinitely more balanced and vibrant and alive. (btw – please let me know via the comment section or email if you would like to learn more about this journey – if my experience can help you than I am willing to become an open book….)

As for my relationship with my girls – they are 14 and 15 now and a year ago I was living a virtual Emotional Rollercoaster as I, like my mother before me, wanted so much for my children to be happy and to excel.  Through looking at the drama using the specific tools that I teach and really, intentionally, applying them (over and over and over again) I have moved into a space that more fully allows them to live their own lives without  my being attached to how it comes out.  The sense of freedom and relaxation this has provided has opened up a whole new opportunity to connect with them on a deeper level and is, in my opinion, directly related to my daughter’s comment that I referenced above.

3) The places you have visited and loved, the books, music, and programs you have invested in that have moved you

How have you nourished yourself in 2012?  What books, music, or programs did you invest in (thereby investing in yourself) that have added to your sense of aliveness?   Did you treat yourself to a vacation?  Day trips?  What other activities did you enjoy in 2012 and were in one way or another enriched by?  Each of these things add more light to your life – and therefore more light to our world.

I expect that if you take even 30 minutes to an hour to answer these three questions for yourself you will find that you can not help but begin to feel even better about who you are and what you are capable of.   If you then take this wonderful celebration of self into your future planning session I expect you will discover that not only have your expectations been raised – but that there will be an underlying excitement/confidence of success that you may not have noticed before.

And if you want to enhance that feeling even further I invite you to share some of your answers with our community through the comment section below and let us all celebrate with you.

Is this not a wonderful world we live in?  and I just love sharing it all with you…..

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One Response to “Before Looking Ahead Take Some Time to Look Behind and…..”

  1. Mark says:

    Thank you for those suggestions. I had done them to a point, but not explicitly and deliberately and I’m sure that would be helpful for me.

    If you are happy to share more about your journey with Dr Nadine, I am sure that would be interesting and relevant and I would appreciate it.

    Thank you,


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