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The Unseen Forces that Move Us by Catharine Arnold

The one thing that we can all count on in life is change.  Making these changes for positive and inspiring things may not always come easy, or does it? Once we learn a few basic principles we find out the only thing that really stands in our way is within our own thoughts themselves. Our thoughts are made up of energy and the more light we cast upon them with positive uplifting ideas we start gaining awareness and these transitions start flowing better.

We don’t realize that these sometimes insurmountable obstacles we’re up against are put there by our own thought waves. That’s right, the unforeseen force that moves us is in fact our own mind. When we feel like all things in the universe are against us it’s actually our own inner conscience that says I feel this so it must be so.

The first step in our understanding has to be the realization that all change happens as part of our learning process here. Think of these human bodies we wear  as school uniforms and we all have to wear them as part of the curriculum. Every cell within these bodies carries a memory and has the ability to store memories like a filing system. This also means that we have a complete set of instructions built within us.

How do we access these instructions? Simple, we don’t have to reach in it pops up automatically in the form of intuition;  kind of like the sensor lights in our cars telling us something’s wrong. We put oil in the car when the light tells us to right? We already know how to trust that inner programming for things like breathing, eating and going to the bathroom. No one has to tell us to do those things we instinctively know and go on an autopilot.  All other aspects work that way as well but some how we put the breaks on at letting our instincts run the rest of the show.

Realizing the mirror effect that we have on each other is helpful in understanding the thought processes we go through. It is a key ingredient in learning how easy it is to commiserate with each other as a way of bonding. This is a great thing when the commiserating is of a positive nature but all too often it is a negative contagious thing that drags us to the bottom quickly. As an example say a friend calls to say they just had an accident. They start going on about what a stupid jerk the other guy was and how put out they have become. We could start in by saying you poor thing what horrible thing to happen, you didn’t deserve that and yeah what a jerk. Instead maybe say “you’re not hurt right?” “You’re covered by insurance right?” “Now you might get that new car you wanted right?” The accident happened for a reason but you may never see that reason if you only see the negatives surrounding it. It is essential that we look for the positives because they are always there just as much as the negative. The negatives are too but we need to ask ourselves why would anyone choose to focus on them given the choice?

So why do we repeatedly keep failing at things when these changes come up? It’s because we question those intuitive inspirations that come up. We tend to go with our feelings even if they’re negative not realizing that we have a choice to choose the positive instead. We let friends wallow in self pity because we feel sorry for them and we don’t realize that we’re making it worse for them when we help them linger in it. We are afraid of losing a friend if we tell them to get over it and move on. Everything in life is a choice and those choices make up our future. We make it as hard or as easy as need be. Changing your focus is changing your life. It doesn’t make sense to expect a positive outcome when your focus is on negative aspects.

So who’s fault is it that we think the way we do? Well it’s Mom and Dad’s fault of course. No not really but in a way it is. We are programmed at birth to look at things the way we do. It’s gone on for generations and we think we’re doing right by our off spring to keep them in line and mold them like we were molded. What we’re really doing is limiting our selves and our children every time the ideas we have seems off the wall so we put a stop to it. We have a great system in play here where we try things and many times we fail or don’t get it quite right but when we try those inspirations that come to us we find out what it entails and the possibilities become endless. When we dismiss our dream or our children’s dreams as if they are nothing but a pipe dream we sell our self short and we’ll never know what it could have been.


Cathy’s degree in broadcasting had her on the radio in the Midwest. A brush with cancer, an Autistic son, a brother passing from AIDS and a part in a movie where she met Shirley MacLaine made her change the focus of what she was meant to communicate in this life. cathycounsels.weebly.com

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