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Hugs for Peace

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Over 100 Cities around took part in the Hugs for Peace campaign our friend Vince coordinated that took place on September 21.

Such a little thing – a hug – everyone can do it – it takes no special training – no “skill” – no age, race, religion, or sex …


Playing For Change: Peace Through Music


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From the award-winning documentary, “Playing For Change: Peace Through Music”, comes the follow up to the classic “Stand By Me” and the second of many “songs around the world” being released on CD/DVD in April, 2009.   You can pre-order the CD/DVD at either Amazon.com.us or  …


I Met the Walrus


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In 1969, a 14-year-old Beatle fanatic named Jerry Levitan snuck into John Lennon’s hotel room in Toronto and convinced him to do an interview. 38 years later, Levitan, director Josh Raskin and illustrators James Braithwaite and Alex Kurina have collaborated to create an animated short film using the original …


Playing For Change: War/No More Trouble

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Quoted directly from Youtube:

Playing For Change – As we made our way around the world we encountered love, hate, rich and poor, black and white, and many different religious groups and ideologies. It became very clear that as a human race we need to transcend …


Peace Through Music Video Clip: Playing For Change


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Playing For Change: Peace Through Music is a film that explores our connections in a world overwhelmed with division. Through the process of making this film we traveled around the world and discovered that music opens the door to a place where …




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March 7th will mark Sri Bhagavan’s 60th birthday, the founder of the Oneness university and temple in the Golden City, India. So we thought we’d explore the Oneness philosophy…

The first video is called “Oneness Speaks” and was created by Rasha, author of the book, “Oneness”.

Quotes …

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