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Lisa’s Headache Eased…..

just wanted to share a couple of positives that I have experienced recently through SMA.

A few days ago I had for the first time in ages one of my bad headaches (not sure if it was related to missing my morning BWE). By the evening I was unsure of doing my evening …


Joy increases her Donation to Charity

Hi I’m in the second month of the SMA training at the moment and I just wanted to share some of the effects and reactions that I’m experiencing right now – maybe you’ll identify, maybe you won’t but hey I thought it would be good to share! For starters my friends say they …

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Fiona Sees the Light at the End of the Tunnel…

Re: Initial Experience with Month 2 Super Mind Academy Materials….
Thank you Jeff …… Without finding my way here I would never in my wildest dreams have imagined myself where I am now and in such a short space of time. I really felt trapped in a very negative and unfulfilled mindset and lifestyle. …

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Adriene Experiences a Sense of “Timeless” Peace

the moment I read about the Super Mind Academy gamma cd I knew this was very important for me, I did not know why but that did’nt matter.
I listened this morning for the first time and it was awesome I planned on listening for 5 minutes but when I looket at my watch …

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Susy in Florida says Thank You

Initial results with Gamma.
Hi, Jeff I am a female 70 years old,this is my 3rd month in the Super Mind Academy. I
listen to the entire Gamma tape with no negative side effects towards
the end I did feel a deep compasion for some one that has done me
harm, I asked my Higher Self to open …

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Francesco’s Gains After Two Months with the Super Mind Academy

“I want to share with you what changed for me in the last couple of months (i.e. since I have subscribed to the Super Mind Academy):

- I have an increased perception of conditions and people surrounding me

- I have started noticing the power of language (which derives from thoughts, but also influences thoughts)

- I …

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Butch_Cassidy more than Doubles his Financial Goal

Wow, I haven’t posted to the Super Mind Academy Forum in quite some time. I’ve been extremely busy with school but am still keeping up with the exercises, although I will admit not as diligently as I should be.

Anyway, for month 2, my goal was $1,000. I had recently been laid off from my …

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Tracy’s Mission to Make Seven a Day Smile….

Hi Jeff,

Today I watched the Super Mind Academy Training video looking for something new to learn and found exactly what I wanted.

My NLP certifications come from Will Horten www.nfnlp.com. In June when I return to Florida, I look forward to training with Richard Bandler and John LaValle.  My library has …

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Sunflower’s Relationship with Her Teenagers Blossom…

Re: Sharing my month one experiences

My last day of month one of The Super Mind Academy has arrived. I thought I’d share my feelings and experiences along the way – maybe someone else will be able to find an answer  (or trigger a new question) for themselves.

First, some background. Most people would probably describe …

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Black1Dragon Gets Serious…

Jeff, I want to thank you for the bonus tracks for month2.  They are excellent.  An interesting realization on my part came to me as I finished month1 and began month2…my head was already telling me the time has come to get serious about my goals.  Find out what I desire and attract that to …

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