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Using Feng Shui to Empower Yourself Ebook Package

“If you really want to change your life, please study the science of Feng Shui.”
– Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai

Energy, or as the Chinese call it, Chi, surrounds you in your everyday life. Although this energy is invisible, it can be recognized. What does this mean to you? There are two types of Chi – “Positive Chi” and “Negative Chi.” Unfortunate things can happen …

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The Natural Living Collection

The Natural Living Collection is a one of a kind collection of ebooks that contains information that will support you and your desire to make informed decisions about how you live your life. This Collection includes….

Natural Living

Enlightened Parenting Channel

Jim Self  (an Evolution Ezine Favorite) joins Sandie Sedgbeer to kick off an ongoing  Free Series of Webinars focused upon raising our children in a way that empowers them and keeps the rest of us sane.

In this seminar Jim and Sandie discuss the who, what and whys of parenting the “New Kids” and then takes …

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