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Getting Creative

Do You Have A Great Idea? – Clearing Your Inner Path to Success-plus E-book by Susie Arnett

CLEARING YOUR INNER PATH TO SUCCESS – Getting to that state where opportunity knocks and doors open -By Susie Arnett
Do you ever notice that whenever you feel really big and powerful and confident, sometimes there is …

Getting Creative

Start Believing In YourSelf Again (Writer’s Workshop # 4 plus a Whole Lot More)

Somewhere, sometime, somehow, somebody told you something limiting and negative about yourself…

And you believed them.

It happens to all of us in big ways, small ways, and every shade in between. For example, the now successful and inspiring Victor Serebriakoff “lost” 15 years of his life because he believed somebody else’s ignorant and short-sighted opinion of …

Getting Creative

Are You Sabotaging Yourself Like This? (Writer’s Workshop #3)

I see it all the time… not just because I unconsciously do this at least a
few times everyday, but also because I’ve noticed it in the people who I
have coached. Most people on this planet do this one thing over and over. In
fact, so many people do it that few people are aware they are …

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25 Strategies to Boost Your Creativity: Free Mini Ebook

Does creativity come naturally to you, or do you usually find yourself desperately scrambling for ideas whenever you reach for some creativity?

The good news is, regardless of how creative you think you are, there’s creativity to be found within everyone.

Try these strategies to boost your creativity  (right click and save as)……

Getting Creative

Life Is Short: So Make Fun of It (and Help Us and Gifts Given and…)

Life has felt a bit heavy lately – and at times a bit grey.

I have the tools and I know how to dig myself out of it – and have been doing so – again and again and…

And I know its not just been me – my friends, family members, neighbors, those I counsel and …

Getting Creative

Evolution Ezine’s Writers’ Workshop: Using Story Writing to Activate the Power of Forgiveness

Welcome to the Evolution Ezine Writer’s Workshop, Volume 2. In our previous workshop, Cyndi promised to give a complete copy of the “Free From Fear” program to one randomly chosen person who commented and shared a story. Congratulations to Sheila Curtis ~ …

Getting Creative

Evolution Ezine Writer’s Workshop: Becoming the Hero of Your Life Story

In the first lesson in the Evolution Ezine Writer’s Workshop, we explored how the most important aspect for writing is to move past the limiting beliefs about who we are writing for and how good we are at writing. I suggested that the first step is to simply just start …

Getting Creative

Evolution Ezine’s Writer’s Workshop Facilitated by Chris Cade

You have asked for ways to get more creative and we are listening.   Chris Cade (Inscribe Your Life, Spiritual Short Stories) has agreed to work (play) with us  – providing us with a series of  training articles to get us involved and active in writing …

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