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The Choice of Optimism by Dr. Katie Garnett

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. ~ Winston Churchill

A lot has been written about the cosmic changes, global changes, eco-system changes, political-economic changes, spiritual changes, and energy-field, frequency changes.

Whew – how are we to survive the Shift? How are we to leave the survival …

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Now Is The Time – Light Up Your Spiritual DNA!!! by Dr. Katie Garnett

Your Spiritual DNA encompasses the programs that you share with all living things. These are the programs that come directly from Source, and are a part of Source – the programs that hold your integrity, compassion, sense of service, and most importantly, your spiritual love.

We know from quantum physics that biologically and energetically, you come …

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Community and Coherence by Dr. Katie Garnett

Everything we do in these times has an importance and value that is greater than ever before. We are in changing times and we are certainly the Ones we have waited for.

For thousands of years our spiritual teachers have been moving us toward this amazing transition time.  Our ancestors have told us of the dangers …

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Leading An Authentic Life by Dr. Katie Garnett

Who do you think you are?

Most of us have an idea of who we are, how we feel, how we behave socially and also, how we are deep down inside. We play roles within our family, at work, at play, and in our community. We have our secret hearts, the way we think we are …

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The Path to a Happy Heart by Dr. Katie Garnett

5 Steps along the Path to a Happy Heart –

Dr. Bruce Lipton talks about Spontaneous Evolution, Gregg Braden talks about the Deep Truth: Igniting the Memory of Our Origin, Destiny, and Fate. Dr. Joe Dispenza talks about how to Evolve Your Brain. And I want to talk about your soul’s journey and fulfilling your …

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What Else is Possible? by Dr. Katie Garnett

What else is possible – this is a question that is being asked by people all over the world today, and why?

It is because it is a GREAT question.

Tony Robbins always says, Questions provide the key to unlocking our unlimited potential. The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the quality of the …

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The Mathematics of Creation by Dr. Katie Garnett

Recently we had the privilege of interviewing the brilliant physicist, Dr. Brooks Agnew on our radio show, Living in the Quantum Field on Contact Talk Radio. His book Remembering the Future: The Physics of Soul and Time Travel is a goldmine of information on the mathematics of creation and actually a terrific support for direct, …

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Mental Rehearsal and Changing Your DNA by Dr. Katie Garnett

As a cognitive behavioral psychologist mental and behavioral rehearsal was a staple of good therapy. I was always fascinated by the studies demonstrating how mental rehearsal works and read many studies by psychologists, research scientists, Olympic trainers and athletes, demonstrating how and why mental rehearsal works in our body-mind.

One of my own teachers and mentors, …

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In the Beginning is the Word by Dr. Katie Garnett

Your DNA is created by your thoughts and by your spoken words. In this way you are much more the co-creator of your life than you may have ever believed. In psychology we know that what you say to yourself shapes your emotional states and your belief systems, and vice versa, what you believe …

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Your Own Personal 2012 by Dr Katie Garnett

2012 is your New Beginning – not just the exiting, starting over – resolutions, standard type of New Year.

THIS New Beginning is the most special, most amazing, most fun, most exciting, most fulfilling, and most demanding of ALL the new beginnings you have experienced in your life, no matter what age group you are in.

Over …

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