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Anchoring Your Way to a Happier Life by Jeff Gignac

Have you ever struggled with your emotions? Have you ever tried to change your mood because you knew a better state of mind would better suit whatever it was you were doing?

Years ago I learned a really important lesson: “The more you FEEL GOOD, the more happy and …

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NLP Anchors Explained by Charles Steed

What Are NLP Anchors?

With reference to hypnosis and NLP, anchoring is a simple yet extremely powerful persuasion technique. But to limit its use exclusively to persuasion would be a mistake. Anchoring is a fundamental part of NLP that is the primary ingredient for many useful rapid-change procedures.

The roots of anchoring run …


3 Steps to NLP Mind Magic by Alan Tutt

Do you ever have trouble motivating yourself to do the things you KNOW need to get done?  Do you ever find yourself forgetting vital bits of information, like the names of people you’ve just met?  And do you ever wonder if someone is telling you the truth, or if they may be lying about something?

I …

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How to Get Maximum Results From Your Mind-Power Work

Alan Tutt is the creator of the world-renown Keys To Power Mastery System, which teaches ANYONE how to tap into Universal Power and direct it to manifest ANYTHING – be sure to read all the way to the end  for a very special offer from Alan just for Evolution Ezine Readers


I’m about to reveal …

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Transform Unconscious Programming and Meet Your Financial Goals

Did you know that most lottery winners (some say 80%) lose their winnings within 2 years?

Unconscious programming keeps people “stuck” and is a major contributor to the failure of most Goal Setting Programs.

In this Video, Jeff Gignac, creator of the Super Mind Academy reveals a very simple technique anyone can use to transform …

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Improving Communication Skills by Jeff Gignac with an Introduction by Cyndi

Have you noticed that the more you try to begin that exercise program the more you end up putting it off until tomorrow?

Or that the more your daughter insists she is trying to get her homework done the more she falls behind?

That is because inherent in the word “try” is an expectation of failure.

This video …

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Using NLP to motivate yourself by Iain

We all feel frozen, unsure of our abilities, scared of the unknown at some point, but if you really want success you WILL need to step out of your comfort zone.

The first step is the hardest… but it gets easier once you get going.

… but you HAVE to be brave. Remember WHY you want to …

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