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Anxiety/Stress Relief,Free Training - Mind

Simple Stress Relief Techniques by Cyndi

After a while you may not even be sure what sets it off, but you know it when it strikes. Your heart beats madly, you begin to sweat, and for many they feel as if they are going to die.

When anxiety strikes it may feel as if you are out of control, but a few …

Anxiety/Stress Relief

6 Ways to Thrive in Tough Times

Tough times can bring you to your knees. They can also raise you to new heights.

You can be stressed to the max on a bad day, yet, as long as life seems manageable, you don’t usually look for new strategies to get through it. The tendency is to pull yourself up by …

Anxiety/Stress Relief,Free Training - Mind

Another Simple Way to Release Stress Now

Of all the Stress Relief Techniques at our disposal there is no question that gratitude is one of the most powerful.  Gratitude is something that can be practiced by anyone at anytime, anywhere.  This simple, yet powerful, shift in focus instantaneously increases the vibration of the energy you are expressing to the world.  Gratitude can, …

Anxiety/Stress Relief,Free Training - Mind

Four Tips to De-Stress Your Spirit

Loss of zest, life purpose or  identity stresses the human spirit.

How you define who you are, and the meaning and purpose of life is core to the health of your spirit. You experience spiritual stress when these definitions are challenged or unclear. The human spirit asks, “Who am I”, “What is life about” …

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