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How to Slow Down Time by Andy Shaw

You want more time to get things done, right?

Well I take …

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How To Banish the Feeling of Overwhelm by Andy Shaw

Overwhelmed meaning: To be overwhelmed is to be confronted with more than you can bear. To be caught up in a whirlwind of events that make you feel depressed and frustrated. Soon the pressure becomes too much that you feel you cannot do anything. You have become paralysed and you feel overwhelmed by all what …

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Simple Stress Relief Techniques by Cyndi

After a while you may not even be sure what sets it off, but you know it when it strikes. Your heart beats madly, you begin to sweat, and for many they feel as if they are going to die.

When anxiety strikes it may feel as if you are out of control, but a few …

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Tap the Magical Power of Your Subconscious – On Demand! by Andy Shaw

Inside of you there is your subconscious mind and it is truly the magical part of you. However, it is only magical because we don’t understand fully how …

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The Choice of Optimism by Dr. Katie Garnett

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. ~ Winston Churchill

A lot has been written about the cosmic changes, global changes, eco-system changes, political-economic changes, spiritual changes, and energy-field, frequency changes.

Whew – how are we to survive the Shift? How are we to leave the survival …

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Myths and Misconceptions: An Excerpt from Eldon Taylor’s Latest Release, Self-Hypnosis and Subliminal Technology: A How-to Guide for Personal-Empowerment tools You Can Use Anywhere!

I’d like to suggest that all hypnosis is fundamentally self-hypnosis. This idea isn’t original to me, for one of the real pioneers of modern hypnosis, Dr. Milton Erickson, made this statement many years ago. The fact is that hypnosis is based on suggestibility, and you must be willing to accept the suggestions, or there will …

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Quick Strategies for Effortless Success by Chris Cade

“The formula is simple – do more of what is working, do less of what isn’t, and try on new behaviors to see if they produce better results.” – Jack Canfield
Jack is one of those people who has been living what he teaches for decades, and the quote above is the inspiration for my message …

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The Power Of Future Lesson 7 – Profound Free Audio Course

“In this exercise, let us affirm with our voices and with our mind, but less us affirm that which we know we can achieve. Don’t worry about how this can happen. Don’t worry about when even…” Krs-one

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The Power Of Future Lesson 6 – Profound Free Audio Course

“Let us sit upright in a comfortable chair, or we can lay flat on our backs and take a couple of deep breaths…” Krs-one

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Now Is The Time – Light Up Your Spiritual DNA!!! by Dr. Katie Garnett

Your Spiritual DNA encompasses the programs that you share with all living things. These are the programs that come directly from Source, and are a part of Source – the programs that hold your integrity, compassion, sense of service, and most importantly, your spiritual love.

We know from quantum physics that biologically and energetically, you come …

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