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Before Looking Ahead Take Some Time to Look Behind and…..

Celebrate your successes

That’s right – I know it is a new year – 2013 – and if you are anything at all like me you have some great plans/expectations for the next 12 months and beyond.  And that is great, because the energy right now is phenomenal for powerful manifestation and being super clear on …

Ask Cyndi

Ask Cyndi: Capable, Certain, and Simple….

How often do we hold ourselves back from doing something because we are convinced we do not have what it takes to get the job done?  What would our lives be like if we knew, really knew, that we are capable of just about anything as long as we decide, with certainty, that we are.

How …

Ask Cyndi

Cyndi’s Confession: I Had a Panic Attack This Week….

It was Saturday morning,  the girls were asleep and I was relaxed and working on the computer.

I felt a slight tingle in my arm – heard the thought in my head that said something like “that’s new hope everything is OK” and within 45 seconds my heart was racing and I had a stream of …

Ask Cyndi

Ask Cyndi – Those Who Know Do Not Speak (???)

Wow, there seems to be quite a bit to being you, hey Cyndi! I have heard some ‘big music’ but tend to see that “those who know do not speak, those who speak do not know”. What do you think about that, if anything?

Ask Cyndi

Thanks for All the Positive Feedback – And of Course You Can Listen Again :-)

I have a little confession to make…

I haven’t re-listened to the interview I did with Kristen that aired a few weeks ago.

I love talking to Kristen – she was great – and I knew it was a great call because of how high I felt when it was over…but – I really had no idea …

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Unlimited Abundance


It’s Cyndi – and if it’s OK with you I just really wanted to tell everyone about my experience with Christie’s Unlimited Abundance Course…

I have been sitting here – off and on over the past two days – opening to different ways to write about my experience (people have told me I have a way …

Ask Cyndi

Ask Cyndi: The Importance of Being Happy

What is more important then being Happy?


World Peace?  Why?

Health?  Why?

$$ in the Bank?  What will that buy you?

That’s right – the money, the health, the peace – they all lead to happiness…

or perhaps…

Happiness leads to world peace, health and $$ in the bank.

I was told when I was quite young that there were more important …

Ask Cyndi

Ask Cyndi- Please Help

Dear Cyndi,
i have tried every method since last 20 years to improve our financial situations, like reki, oneness diksha and many others, but still situation has worsened , i don’t know why i am suffering from acute feeling that in my family everything will be destroyed and finished since last 20 years please help me …

Ask Cyndi

Ask Cyndi: Cyndi Speaks :-)

Last Week I had the extreme pleasure of spending about 45 minutes talking to my dear friend Brad Yates.

Do you know Brad?

If not – then it’s about time – and a great way to start may be with this teleseminar he and I did last year where …

Ask Cyndi

Ask Cyndi: Why Are Some People Blessed……

Why are some people blessed with lots of wealth? I’ve tried cosmic ordering, but without success, any suggestions?

Hi Maurice :-)

Before I answer with my words – I would like you to take a breath (a nice relaxed one – or maybe 3 – enough so that you feel yourself relax and open – just a …

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