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Emotion Code Free Download Plus a Very Special Opportunity

I was first introduced to Dr. Bradley Nelson’s Emotion Code about 6 months ago and it has changed my life and my Healing Practice.

First I read the book, Emotion Code – which you can download here……

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Can You Tap Your Way to Better Health?

How many times have you gone to the doctor’s and been told…

“In order to get better you’re going to have to find a way to reset your nervous system so that it recoups from the stress of regular life”?

Most likely…never!

At most, doctors will say, “Of course stress affects your health”, as they write you a …

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Natural Cold and Flu Prevention Secrets by Krystalya Marie’ and Misa Hopkins

Like most illnesses, even colds and flus have a metaphysical root, and understanding that can help you prevent these viruses from taking hold in your body. There are also beliefs that cause some of to be more susceptible to viruses than others, and there is a reason that we are physically …

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Can Something So Simple Really Change Your Abundance?

This is crazy – but I really started to tear up as I watched this 8 minute video…
Can it really Be this Simple?
I can not know for sure – but I believe my emotional response (which I am still having ) is due …

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How Can I Balance Myself When i Am Affected by Everything – Part 2 by Joel Bruce Wallach

In part one of this article, you discovered how your verbal descriptions of reality create a tension loop that affects your emotional and mental state.

Now that you have shifted your verbal descriptions, you can explore a stabilizing energy meditation …

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How can You Find Your True Center? by Joel Bruce Wallach

…and what will you discover there?
Where is your true center located? It seems like a simple question, except that different cultures locate your center in various places in the body. For Taoists, it is in the navel or lower abdominal area. For Christian and Sufi mystics, it is in the heart. …

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Good Stuff From Brad Yates :-)

“Brad Yates is a master teacher. He is a warm, loving,powerful, effective, transformative force for good. I totally endorse his work.” – Jack Canfield
I agree – as do many others throughout the world – which is why I jumped at the chance to include a few more of his …

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How to Give Yourself a Centered Radiant Aura….by Joel Bruce Wallach

… with aura-flexing for spiritual strength and clarity.

Aura flexing gives your energy-body strength, resilience, and clarity. This helps you release other peoples’ energies and influences. You discover your unique energetic presence within any environment. This helps you maintain poise, know your truth, and access your own vital life energy….

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The Development of Psychic Abilities by Edwin Harkness Spina

Many spiritual seekers are fascinated by the development of psychic abilities like remote viewing, telepathy and astral projection. While seeming incredible to some skeptics, the unlocking of these abilities is a natural consequence of pursuing a spiritual discipline aimed at direct communion with God or the ultimate reality. This is the path of the mystic.

In …

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Cleanse Your Home and Office with Sky Aura Clearing by Joel Bruce Wallach

The energy, or aura above your home or business affects your thoughts and feelings, for better or worse. The sun and the stars shine their life sustaining light to everyone in the universe. The energy centers above your head are particularly receptive to these energies, much as a plant responds to the sun’s light. …

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