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Sixty More? – Sequel to “But I Don’t Feel Sixty” by Donald Pelles

I’m eating lunch with my friend Marlena, sitting next to a window streaked by the chill November rain, our umbrellas dripping against the wall.

“Remember our conversation last time?” she says, “The week after my sixtieth birthday party?”

“Of course I remember,” I say – we had talked about attitudes toward getting older and self-fulfilling prophesies (see …

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But I Don’t Feel Sixty… by Donald Pelles

“I can’t believe I’m sixty.”  My friend Marlena sits across from me over lunch, my treat, a few days after her somewhat raucous sixtieth birthday party, held in a local art gallery and featuring a DJ and enthusiastic dancing along with the usual delicious food and cake.  “I’m not ready to be sixty,” she says …

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Breathing Through Her Foot by Donald Pelles

My mother-in-law was with us in October. My wife drove her here from North Carolina and we drove her back a month later. She turned 85 in mid-month.

Maureen sings in church and enjoys many types of music. I got us all tickets to a concert on a Sunday, and she was looking …

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Hypnosis Tips and Tricks #1 by Jim McElwee of the Unexplainable Store

Today I’d like to talk about hypnosis. Hypnosis is a relaxed state of consciousness where the participant is better able to facilitate programming of the self. There are hundreds of applications for hypnosis, but today we’re going to focus primarily on how to put yourself into a hypnotic state and the first steps …

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