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The Key to Everlasting Happiness by Alvin Huang

The subconscious mind holds infinite potential that can be used to overcome practically any obstacle we may face in life. It provides us with Infinite Wisdom when we need it the most and, as noted by renowned American psychologist and …

Articles - Mind

Hyper-dimensional Fantasies by Bernardo Kastrup, Ph.D.

There seems to be a lot of talk in the New Age community these days about hyper-dimensional ideas, like “5D ascension,” “higher-dimensional realms,” and what not. Much of the stuff is either completely unsubstantiated or articulated in a way that flies in the face …

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Physical Healing, Emotional Wellbeing – Deepak Chopra Video

In this engaging and enlightening video Deepak Chopra outlines some amazing facts regarding recent scientific testing and discoveries and how they relate to our health, physical healing and well being.
He explains that there is no separation between mind and body. …

Articles - Mind,Beliefs

I Don’t Like “Thankfulness” by Lisa McCourt

 “I Don’t Like “Thankfulness.” Crazy, right? Everyone says gratitude’s the shZizzle! But in working with my Joy-Training clients, I’ve found that very often there’s a smidge of a belief — way underneath there — that if we’re …

Articles - Mind

What is Mindfulness? by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn

So just what is mindfulness? Are you truly connecting with your life? In this short video Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn defines Mindfulness as paying attention – on purpose – in the moment – without judgement – as if your life depended on it.

He points out that we can only live in the present moment. We can only …


Visualization for Weight Loss Success

Re-Program Your Mind For Permanent Fat Loss

It is hard to believe really that we as humans have achieved so much in our highly advanced age of technology and yet we struggle with our weight. It seems out of balance that never before in the history of mankind have there been so …

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Was “The Little Engine That Could” Simply Out of Universal Alignment? by Linda Paull

I read an interesting facebook comment the other day and that was that most of the mistakes we make in our lives are because we listened to the advice of our parents and teachers. It made me giggle a little but judging by the number of ‘likes’ the post got, it seems that there are …


So Much to be Thankful For…

Iain – I’ve still never met Cyndi in person, although I’ve spoken to her almost daily since she joined Evolution Ezine in February 2009.

She is an amazing woman with the BIGGEST heart …and I’m blessed to be working with her.

Cyndi is away this week, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to say to her …

Articles - Mind,Beliefs

How to Easily Expand Your Comfort Zone by Cyndi

What if I told you I’d give you $1,000 to make an important public speech? Would you take the offer? Like most of us, you probably recoiled immediately at the idea, even though it could be lucrative for you! Why didn’t this idea appeal to you?

When the very thought of certain activities evokes fear or …

Articles - Mind,Beliefs

Living Parallel Universes by Dr. Katie Garnett

There was a TV show a very long time ago called, I Led Three Lives, about a spy, counterspy and Ad executive.

I recently realized that I have been living at least three lives myself – and today I found a video online produced by the son of the quantum scientist Hugh Everett – the scientist …

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