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Teach Your Baby Algebra…Before It’s Even Conceived…

Once the word get’s out that what a mother learns in the three months before becoming pregnant can be passed on to her children a whole new industry will be born…

I Can see the Advertisement Now…

Don’t wait – Get a Head Start on Your Baby’s education…

Classes forming now in French, German, Latin, and Advanced Algebra

Alison Motluk has reported in New Scientist that Scientists at the Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston are teaching mice new tricks, and then discovering that their offspring have inherited the knowledge.

Much more work has to be done, but take a few moments to consider the implications.  And also notice, when you read the article, that the researchers chose a “fear response” to work with.

If  it works with fear then I am convinced that it will also work with love, with peace, with joy (and yes, maybe algebra).

Imagine a world of children who are born to Mother’s who, in the months before they began their pregnancy, studied and learned how to find the love in every situation.

Imagine that…

to read the entire article click here

“Moshe Szyf at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, calls the work “remarkable”. “The mother can modulate the intellectual capacity of her young,” he says. “If it happens in humans it has immense implications.”

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Teach Your Baby Algebra...Before It's Even Conceived..., 8.5 out of 10 based on 4 ratings
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One Response to “Teach Your Baby Algebra…Before It’s Even Conceived…”

  1. Sudhakar says:

    This news is not new to me. In fact inventor of Honda bike already
    wrote a book, Kindergarten is too late. In Indian mythology, Mahabharat, there is mention of this when Lord Krishna tells his
    pregnant sister the art of piercing a circular format in war which is
    learnt by the child inside the womb and successfully used at the time
    of war. Elsewhere a pregnant lady exposes her womb to the holy
    incantations of rishis in an ashram and thus begets a holy child
    inspite of being of a devil clan. Nevertheless thanks for the
    wonderful write up. Regards Sudhakar

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