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Call to Awaken (with Really Cool Bonus Gifts :-) )

My dear friend Julie Hart has just launched her newest “Call to Awaken” teleseries and it promises to be an absolutely transformational experience for everyone who invests in themselves by taking the time to listen as Julie talks to some of the most inspirational and powerful teachers of our day – including… Guy Finley, Dr Alex Lloyd, Carol Look, and Jafree Ozwald – as well as 12 others


The Teleseries is Free as are these (and other)  great bonus gifts you will gain access to just for registering….

Bonus Gift  From Marcy Neumann

Bonus Chakra clearing visualization meditation for money manifestation success!

Manifestation Chakra Clearing Meditation. This 40 minute audio download will lead you through a deep meditation that will empower you to align your chakras with your manifestation process for success! It’s the “How To” for removing the critical blocks stopping you from living your dream life. Each step along the way brings you closer and closer to the point of clear manifestation. It’s waiting for you now.




Bonus Gift From Jim Self

The Shift: What it is – Why it’s happening – How it is affecting you and the Mastering of Alchemy

Explore and Discover: What are the 3rd and 4th Dimensions? Tools to Rebuild Yourself, Where the Shift is Taking You, The 5th Dimension: Your Spiritual Abilities are Revealed, How to Enjoy the Journey to the Higher Dimensions, Unveiling the Experiment, and The True Nature of the Experiment




Bonus Gift From Nadia Tumas

Life Purpose Breakthrough Method: Your Manual to Live A Meaningful Life. (Five Simple Secrets How To Discover Your Unique Purpose & Get Fast Money, Love and Joy)

In this powerful audio you will get tremendous clarity for how to get everything you desire in life: money,love and joy fast! Nadia will answer your burning questions and explain to you what is the fastest way to get what you want without spending years of frustration and thousand of dollars on education that never bring you fulfillment and success. We can’t wait to share with you this METHOD!!! Enjoy!



To Learn More, Register and Collect your gifts simply visit: Call to Awaken


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Call to Awaken (with Really Cool Bonus Gifts :-) ), 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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