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Butch_Cassidy more than Doubles his Financial Goal

Wow, I haven’t posted to the Super Mind Academy Forum in quite some time. I’ve been extremely busy with school but am still keeping up with the exercises, although I will admit not as diligently as I should be.

Anyway, for month 2, my goal was $1,000. I had recently been laid off from my part-time job and wanted to manifest a sum of money that was large enough to be significant but not so large that I couldn’t believe it was attainable. I visualized myself depositing a $1,000 dollar check at the bank and printed a “fake” check for the sum of $1,000 that I would look at daily.

For the first three weeks I felt like nothing was happening other than fatigue in my writing hand, but onĀ  Super Bowl Sunday I won $100 in a pool. Not a bad start. A few days later, my dad called me and told me he had just deposited $2,500 into my checking account from an old account in my name that had been set up when I was born. Apparently, he and my mother had somehow forgotten about it for 23 years and now suddenly remembered. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

So I obviously manifested my $1,000 and then some; it didn’t even dawn on me until several days later what had happened because it all felt so natural. It really does work!! Next, I’m manifesting a summer job as a camp counselor in Pennsylvania, wish me luck!

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Butch_Cassidy more than Doubles his Financial Goal, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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