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Believe in Yourself and Anything is Possible

Our self beliefs – beliefs about who we are, and more importantly about what we are capable of determine our whole reality; our successes and failures in all areas of of our lives.

This timeless quote from Henry Ford sums this up very well:
“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re probably right”

For example it is easy to see that 2 people going into a job interview (with both candidates having the same technical skills) the candidate with more self belief; for example a strong belief that they deserve to get the job and that they can do the job to a very high standard will give them the advantage over the other candidate.

This can be applied into virtually all scenarios in life – self belief is often the spark which becomes the difference between:

Pushing Through Obstacles or Failure: Whereas regular businessmen encounter a problem and give up real entrepreneurs believe in their vision and that their business will succeed – a problem is never a dead end, and often they will get more and more driven by their setbacks.

Weight Loss or Staying Overweight: People who actually succeed in losing weight after being overweight for a long time experience something “snapping” in their mind; they say “enough is enough” and really start to believe that they can lose weight, and that “this time” will be different – and it is.

Being Excellent or Average: The difference between the record breaking marathon runner and the one in 3rd place is a matter of minutes – maybe even seconds… but the real difference is in their mindset; the record breaker has a burning desire and drive to achieve excellence, which is fuelled by a solid belief in his abilities, and that he really can be the best.

…perhaps even Life or Death: a solid belief that you can overcome an illness, that you will survive a stormy night on a mountain top, that you will recover to full, abundant health.. this might be enough to keep you going and make all the difference.

Yet Still We Lie To Ourselves..

It is easy to see that having a solid internal set of positive self beliefs can make all the difference in almost any situation, yet still we think up excuses as to why we failed – we shift the blame away from ourselves and attribute it to some external force or event.

Using the above examples again; perhaps the businessman blames the economy for everything, perhaps the marathon runner who finished 3rd blames his new running shoes, perhaps the dieter blames the one off office buffet which broke their diet.

For every one of these instance there will be people who give up and fail, and others who barely see the obstacle, who resist against it, or who encounter it all the same, yet get fired up and even more driven from it – driven to do better next time, to excel despite it, or to not let themselves get into the same situation again. This all comes from a core level of self belief in themselves and that they are capable of great things.

From this core level of self belief everything else grows – including motivation, drive, confidence, assertiveness, and many more qualities – all of which are vital for success in any pursuit.

Self belief isn’t just something we are either born with, or develop at a very young age – it is something which can be altered at any stage of your life, and the primary way to get started doing this is to..

Take Responsibility!

There are always external events which interfere with our plans, but instead of getting too tied down in the physical circumstances and external events we need to take responsibility!

If instead of blaming something or someone else we step up and take responsibility ourselves then we look inside of ourselves and look to see how we can turn this setback around and find a way to success.

This is the only way to build a solid foundation of self belief – once we really take responsibility and look within ourselves to see what we could do differently, to see how we could improve next time then we start to grow – the seeds of self belief are planted and as we overcome obstacles these seeds grow and we really start to belief in ourselves and our skills

If we can take responsibility and build this solid foundation then the problems we encounter will no longer stop us, they will only fuel us for greater levels of success and motivate us even more.


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3 Responses to “Believe in Yourself and Anything is Possible”

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  2. It is when we know “why” that the “how” becomes easier.

    More often than not, people do not feel they have a good enough reason to change and accept their less than ideal life because it is the path of least resistance.

    Yes, change hurts (think cardiovascular and weights exercise to lose those calories) and causes discomfort but as we all know, if you keep doing the same things, you get the same results.

    I speak for myself that when the penny dropped, it was not hard to go to the gym 4 times a week, clean up my eating habits etc and lose those excess pounds.

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  3. Marvin King says:

    Yes, I think youre right Lorwai – doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is the definition of insanity :) I think the key is to make a real plan – to aim for a difference in your life. If you can stick to it for a few weeks then it becomes more normal and just a part of who you are.. but of course then you have to have another plan, or reach for the next level :)

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