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Ask Cyndi: The Importance of Being Happy

What is more important then being Happy?


World Peace?  Why?

Health?  Why?

$$ in the Bank?  What will that buy you?

That’s right – the money, the health, the peace – they all lead to happiness…

or perhaps…

Happiness leads to world peace, health and $$ in the bank.

I was told when I was quite young that there were more important things in life then being happy – and if I took care of all of those things then I would be happy.  Believing that one story is a key reason I was stuck for so long.  It is – in my opinion – one of the biggest lies ever told.

There is nothing more important then radiating happy – it is the number one way we can all make this world a better place to be.

So the question is …

How does one get happy – especially when one currently has $$ issues – or health issues – or lives in a space where peace is a distant wish?

I have written about this before – and shared quite a few strategies for raising one’s vibration – and all the strategies are really powerful

and now

what I have to share with you may be the most powerful yet – and I am super excited about it :-)

a brand new”club” was launched this week and it’s number one purpose is – yes – you guessed it ….

to move everyone involved into a state of Happiness.

I am loving it…

when you visit  Revelri.com you will be able to get all the details – and have the opportunity to partake in a Happiness Movement that I intend to see sweep the world.

When you first visit the site you will have the opportunity to invest in The Happiness Toolkit (I did and can you feel my smile?) – and will also be given the opportunity to get in on a Premium Lifetime Membership to the Club (I did that too and I can’t even begin to explain how amazing it felt to invest in what is being done here)

but even if you don’t want to invest take a look at what is being offered – and then take advantage of the Free Basic Membership into the Club – because it is amazing and awesome and I feel better and better each time I visit.

I am having fun – and I know you will too…

Get started now – just visit….  Revelri.com

See You Inside :-)

p.s. – everyday – in the club – you get actions to perform that will increase your happiness.  Today it has been suggested that I do some fingerpainting.  I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am.  I plan to not only use my fingers – but my toes and maybe even an elbow or two.  And then – when i go back and click on the little “done” tab I am going to receive some virtual coins for doing something that I know is going to increase my happiness – cool – right – collecting $$ for being happy – gotta love it.

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2 Responses to “Ask Cyndi: The Importance of Being Happy”

  1. Leila says:

    Thanks Cyndi – it sounds like a fun site :)

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  2. Pam says:

    Hi Cyndi, I have joined Revelri,it’s amazing! My smile and happiness get bigger every day :)

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