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Audio of the Month: Banish Bad Habits

Banish Bad Habits -
Value $19.95 (but we are offering it to you for $7.00)

Got a bad habit that you want to kick? This
audio uses brain entrainment, subliminal messaging and
self balancing music. It’s been created especially to destroy bad
habits (any kind of bad habit) and will help the user to
“re-train” specific aspects of their brain. You don’t have
to do anything at all, just play it with a positive

This could be used at any time (except while sleeping) and it can be played as many times as you want.

Valued at 19.95  we are now offering this recording to our Evolution Ezine Readers for only $7.00

How Brainwave Entrainment works…

It has been recently discovered that, through a process called brain entrainment, it is possible to induce a person’s brainwaves to a certain frequency. And this is what Binaural beats are designed for.  By emitting signals of different frequencies in each ear, you can “reprogram” your mind to work just the way you want it to.

You see when you introduce the two signals to the ears that are offset by just a few Hertz, something very interesting happens: the brain tries to compensate for the difference. In doing so, it sets of an amazing amount of electrical activity throughout your brain.

And by controlling the frequencies that go into each ear, you can also ‘tune’ the brain.  Click here for more details on brainwave entrainment.

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The Following is Important Information and Warnings Regarding Brain Wave Entrainment Audios

Brainwave entrainment audio technology works by stimulating and enhancing specific types of brainwave activity that produces cognitive and emotional enhancements. During this process your brain will produce more desirable types of Neuro-chemicals and less of the undesirable ones. In other words

you will feel better more often

Your brain will also experience an increase in blood flow, increased production of NEW neural pathways, axon and dendrite growth. These are all extremely valuable things, however there are certain pre-existing conditions that should they exist must be considered before using our programs.

Those who should consult a qualified physician before using this technology are… – Pregnant women – People who wear a pacemaker – Individuals who have had or are prone to stroke and seizures – Epileptics- People that are under the influence of medication or drugs – People who are taking mood altering substances, legally or illegally – Individuals under the age of 18

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One Response to “Audio of the Month: Banish Bad Habits”

  1. Wade says:

    I am using the entire set of materials from Super Mind Evolution with great success and finding new things about myself all the time. The one item that I was concerned about was this ‘Bad Habit’ area. As I am not certain just what is considered a ‘bad habit’, I didn’t want to wipe out something I am enjoying. This is a little tongue in cheek since I do understand most of my bad habits.

    After playing this MP3 it has become obvious that there is no deleterious effect. The things that make me smile are still with me. I can now trust that all my ‘habits’ are ‘good’..??


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