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Below are five Inspirational Wallpapers that we thought you would enjoy.

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Articles - Mind

The Key to Everlasting Happiness by Alvin Huang

The subconscious mind holds infinite potential that can be used to overcome practically any obstacle we may face in life. It provides us with Infinite Wisdom when we need it the most and, as noted by renowned American psychologist and …

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Healthy Habits – Mindfulness Meditation

We have all heard that there are calming benefits to meditation. Did you know that recent studies have found that meditation can play a major role in health and well being? Science is now recognizing the amazing effect this ancient technique has …

Articles - Body

What is the most basic truth about the food we eat? by Gillian Drake

What is the most basic truth about the food we eat? by Gillian Drake,
author of  ”The Truth About Food: The Good, the Bad and the Downright Dangerous”

To me, the answer would be: all food is nutritious, there are no foods that do not nourish us. But if this is true, how is it that medical experts estimate that …

Articles - Weird & Wonderful

Water: The story never told – video

This insightful video asks us to look deeper into water (both within ourselves and outside of ourselves) and see the message it is sending.  It is very clear that the quality of our water is directly connected to human life and our experiences. The video expounds  on the work of creative visionary Dr. Masaru Emoto….

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The Journey (+ FREE StellarDrone Schumann Album)

Beautiful ambient music mixed with the frequency 7.83 HZ, the schumann resonance. The album contains a new brainwave entrainment technique which allows it to be enjoyed by anyone at anytime.

The Music

Many thanks to Stelladrone for his brilliant music. You can hear more from him at his website http://stellardrone.bandcamp.com/

Articles - Consciousness

The Transformation of Self-Limiting Thought Forms and Beliefs- A Hathor Planetary Message through Tom Kenyon

The Transformation of Self-limiting Thought Forms and Beliefs
Due to the Solstice/Galactic Alignment that took place on Dec. 21st 2012, you are now experiencing an increased influx of catalytic evolutionary energies. This state of affairs is potentially elevating as well as disruptive due to the …

Art Gallery

The Paintings and Vision of Cassundra Ryan – Part 2

~ Love is All there Is~

Born in 1969, to an Irish Father and Aboriginal mother on King Island; I am of Bunurong tribe from Victoria. I’m strongly connected to the Dreamtime of my people and as a lot of our stories to the land have been lost since the arrival of white man to Australia, …


Soul Journey – A Review by Nikki Morgan

Soul Journey – The Greatest Secrets to Living the Life You Want
I love discovering new books and new authors, and this one landed in my lap thanks to a Facebook connection. I followed …

Articles - Spirit

The Way of the Peaceful Parent by Leo Babauta

There is no such thing as stress-free parenting.

A reader requested that I share my thoughts on stress-free parenting, as the father of six kids. And while I have learned a lot about being a dad, and finding joy in parenthood, I also know that stress-free parenting is a myth.

Parents will always have stress: we not …

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