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The Evolution Ezine is Getting a Face Lift

It’s been over four years since Iain and I published the first Evolution Ezine.

Can you believe it?

In that time we have published over 1200 posts, offering hundreds of free gifts, trainings, videos, and articles of all kinds designed to uplift, inspire and educate.

We have loved every moment – and we love every one of …

Attracting Money

My Experience with Unlimited Abundance by Cyndi Krupp

Are you Ready for Unlimited Abundance?

As I write this there are tears in my eyes…


I am not completely sure but I think it is because I understand, on a very deep level, that many of you who click the link below, watch the video, and say yes to taking part in the free Unlimited Abundance …

Articles - Weird & Wonderful

Harnessing the Power of Mercury Retrograde

Ok, before I even begin writing about Mercury Retrograde I think it only fair to admit that I am not an expert, that I know very little about Astrology in general (but learning more every day), and that I am certain there are many who will read this post who are much more qualified to …

Articles - Spirit

The Secret Code of The Sacred Solfeggio Frequencies

Are the Sacred Solfeggio Frequencies the Secret Code to Unlocking Man’s Relationship to the Universe?
“Cultures the world over use sound to attune to, invoke, and transform consciousness. Sound is a powerful tool, because it is vibrational in nature, and we are vibrational beings. Indeed the most modern science shows us that all life is vibrational …

Free Gifts

Free Super Mind Music Album: Contemplation Stimulation:Classical Peace – This Week Only !!!!

We are so grateful to be connected to every member of our community – and in appreciation for all the love you have passed our way we wanted to do something very special.

And so the week beginning February 10 is Love and Peace week at http://mindpowermp3.com and we have been doing our …

Articles - Weird & Wonderful

Sylph (air spirit) spotted whilst creating the latest Super Mind Music album?

Is it a sylph (air spirit)? We would love your thoughts

Whilst creating the latest Super Mind Music video, I spotted a flash in the top corner of the cloud time lapse video I’d purchased.

When I slowed the clip down and zoomed in, things got interesting…

What do you think it is?

Energy Healing,Free Gifts

Emotion Code Free Download Plus a Very Special Opportunity

I was first introduced to Dr. Bradley Nelson’s Emotion Code about 6 months ago and it has changed my life and my Healing Practice.

First I read the book, Emotion Code – which you can download here……

Articles - Weird & Wonderful

Listening to the Wisdom of Crystals

I love crystals….

It wasn’t always that way.  I mean, I always thought crystals were pretty, but I never gave much thought that they had any special powers or anything.  And I never considered that they had a consciousness.

And even once I began my Energy Healing Study and practice I …

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Random Gift For Your Feedback – Can it Get Any Better Than That?

Give us your feedback and get rewarded with a random gift.
Since its birth 20 months ago MindPowerMp3.com has more than tripled in size and has provided many 1,000s of downloads to people all over the world who come back and tell us, every day, what a difference these products …

Articles - Spirit

Shamanic Journey: A Personal Experience with a Powerful Message by Cyndi Krupp

A Shamanic Journey is a healing practice in which the person undertakes a journey in imagination during which help is sought from spirit helpers or spirit guides (www.transpersonalscience.org)
Shamanic Journey: Deep Theta is our newest Super Mind Album and has quickly become one of our biggest sellers.  Wanting to take full …

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